About Us

EmergencyReviewer.com is comprised of a dedicated team of experienced survivalists and disaster preppers.  We came to know each other through a common commitment to emergency survival planning and found that we shared the same values and sense of respect for this critical area of life.  We were involved in emergency survival and disaster preparedness long before reality shows were on TV and zombies became the latest trend.  We believe that being prepared for unexpected emergency and survival situations is a genuine and essential part of reality, and being unprepared is simply not an option for us. We created this website in an effort to provide a truly valuable resource for DIY preppers, survivalists, wilderness enthusiasts, and anyone desiring to prepare for the unexpected events in life that can turn your world upside down.  Below you will find our mission statement, our disclosure regarding affiliate relationships, and our privacy policy.

Our Mission

The driving force and mission of this website is to strengthen and support your efforts to plan and prepare for the unknown events that could happen in your lives so that your success rate for survival is optimal. We invite you to explore our online guide and gather the information you need to engage in emergency preparedness and disaster survival planning or adequately preparing for outdoor wilderness activities.

Up Front & Honest

Our reviews are honest and genuine, and are not based on monetary gain. None of the brands you see on this site have rewarded us in any way for providing any positive comments or reviews. We do have affiliate relationships with many of the brands featured on this site. However, one of the reasons we include user reviews is to accentuate the unbiased and authentic nature of our review process. We encourage honest discussion and input from users concerning the products we feature. Disaster preparedness is too crucial an element of survival for us to play games with our reviews. We take this topic very seriously and will never mislead our visitors or falsely prop up any brand that does not deliver.

Privacy Policy Statement

While we are not conspiracy theorists, we do believe that privacy has become an abused area of life, and that it is a sacred element that must be protected.  We have zero interest in sharing, selling or in any way divulging any piece of information that you share on EmergencyReviewer.com.  We do not collect, store, sell or analyze your private information in any capacity whatsoever.  Whether you send us an email, make a comment on a news story, or interact with us through social media, we do not take your information from those platforms and redistribute or share it. Your privacy will remain in tact during your visit to our website.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments you may have regarding our website and its content, or about emergency survival and disaster preparedness in general.  We welcome your input, feedback, suggestions, and any other type of correspondence you would like to send us.  We can be reached via email here:  admin@emergencyreviewer.com

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