Short Term Food Supply

Emergency FoodTechnically, a short-term emergency food supply could be the 72 hours worth you have in your emergency preparedness bug out bag or GOOD (Get Out of Dodge) bag. But usually, a short-term emergency food supply is enough food for your family, or everyone in your survival party, to last from 30 to 90 days. We have reviewed the top emergency food companies which offer survival food supplies, and provide our recommendations on their short-term emergency food products.

These emergency food components are supplied in the form of 72 hour, 1 week and 30 day prepackaged kits. There are also emergency food packages which simply list the number of servings they include. Freeze-dried, canned and shelf-stored emergency foods are included. Since an immediate food supply (72 hours), short-term and long-term situations should all be prepared for, many of the recommendations and reviews found in the short-term category apply to long term emergency food supplies as well. For similar information regarding taking care of your pets, you can visit our guide to emergency pet food and water.

Short Term Emergency Food Reviews

Survival ChecklistThis section of our guide is devoted to food supply reviews intended for the short term survival prepper.  Some survivalists plan for long term, and some for short term, while others plan for both.  Short term food supplies can be made of portable products that require minimal preparation, or you can go with a more elaborate supply.  Its all completely customizable and up to you and your family how you’d like to approach your short term food supply needs. The product reviews you find here represent a variety of approaches.  You also have the option of a DIY short term food supply that you compile yourself.

Following are the leading providers of short term food supply packages.  These brands represent the best that the industry has to offer, and premium food product options. The standard selection for short term food supply ranges from 48 hours up to 3 months.  Food supplies that feed your group for 6 months or more are categorized as long term emergency food supply.

Buy Emergency Foods Short Term Emergency Food

Buy Emergency Foods LogoBuy Emergency Foods is one of the most well known names in the industry, and you will see them mentioned quite a bit throughout our website.  We really consider them a premium presence in the emergency food niche because of their quality and taste. Their primary brand, Legacy is one of the healthiest options available, with no GMOs, no artificial flavors, no MSG or AYE. Their food also tastes better than most of the options out there. They offer a variety of short term food kit configurations, including gluten free products, with all kits broken down into serving quantities for simplistic calculating for the number of people you need to feed.

Wise Food Storage Short Term Emergency Food

Wise Food Storage is another industry leader who sets high standards with quality and value.  They don’t offer quite the bang for your buck you get with, but they are not far behind either. Their products are incredibly simple to prepare, the taste is not bad at all, and they offer good value.  Their range of short term food supply options is substantial and definitely worth checking out. For short term food kits, they offer options from 72 hour supplies through 3 month supplies.  They also make it customizable through a strong selection of configurations.  Gluten free products are available as well. Short Term Emergency Food

mypatriotsupply-logo-smallWith a strong focus on self reliance and taking charge of your own destiny, My Patriot Supply offers an ample selection of short term emergency food products.  This supplier is a ‘made in the USA’ devotee and is committed to providing high quality, delicious emergency food products.  Patriot Pantry Emergency Survival Food offers non-GMO food products with a 25 year shelf life and multiple configurations designed specifically for short term emergency survival.  They also offer some great snack and coffee kits as well to make sure you have a few luxuries in your short term food supply.

The Ready Store Short Term Emergency Food

 The Ready Store Short Term FoodThe Ready Store delivers really well on the short term food supply needs of preppers.  They offer kits to cover you from a 48 hour really short term emergency situation through to 3 months, which is the standard short term category range.  They also offer a variety of supplies that allow you to customize your own short term food supply from only the components you want rather than a pre-configured package.  They use premium, name brand products that are rated well by preppers and industry professionals.  Along with high quality products and substantial variety, they also offer a great price matching guarantee that even extends 10 days beyond your actual purchase.  This company was started by a husband and wife team that have grown it into one of the leading names in the emergency preparedness space.

Nitro-Pak Short Term Emergency Food

 Nitro-Pak Short Term Food ProductsNitro-Pak has some great options for creating your short term food supply, ranging from 3 day food kits on up to as far as you want to take it.  They also have some great products to supplement or customize your short term food supply through food bars and individual products that give preppers the freedom to compile their emergency food kits the way they want them. We also found a lot of their great short term food product supply products to be on sale in their ‘deals’ section. NEVER visit this site without checking out their deals page – it can be a game changer as we’ve pleasantly found out.  They also offer a 110% price guarantee, meaning they will match anyone’s price and then give you an extra 10% off. Their 180 no questions asked return policy demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction.  This preparedness center is a great one stop shop for all your prepping needs.

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