Emergency MREs

Emergency MREsThe term MRE (Meals Read to Eat) was developed by the military, and are sometimes also referred to as Military Meals. Many MRE’s include a main course, as well as a dessert, a powdered drink, possibly a condiment package and some type of heating element. Some offer a side dish, or additional side dish MRE accompaniments to the main meal. Traditional MRE’s were created to provide roughly 2,000 calories, which is the daily recommended allowance for the average person. Since survival scenarios often require a much higher caloric intake on a daily basis, plan accordingly when developing your emergency food pantry. It is not uncommon to see MRE calorie counts at 2400 or more calories.

The truth is, soldiers everywhere invented derisive terms for MRE’s because they were once notoriously flavor-free. Meals Rejected by Everyone, Meals Refusing to Exit and Meals Rarely Enjoyed are just 3 acronyms soldiers and military personnel have invented for these long-lasting and extremely portable emergency food supplies. However, during the past few years, downright delicious MRE’s have surfaced that can be included in your emergency supplies. We will steer you in the direction of those which have been reviewed and rated as the tastiest, while providing a long-term food storage answer and a value-oriented price.

MRE Emergency Food Reviews

Reviews of Emergency MREsMREs are not what they used to be, and our reviews of these ready to eat meals will provide you with insight into the best options and tastiest solutions for those interested in this type of emergency food supply product.  There are multiple advantages to going with MRE products, and they remain a popular choice among survivalists.  We have only provided reviews of the premium brands and products in this category, with serious testing and evaluations determining which products we recommend.

The Ready Store MRE Review

MREs at The Ready StoreThe Ready Store is one of the most equipped emergency supply company when it comes to MRE components.  They deliver a substantial variety and configurations when incorporating MRE elements into your emergency survival food supply.  They offer MRE meals and products individually, by the case, or in rations configured by time needed, such as 72 hour, 1 week, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year.  You will find varying degrees of caloric intake, desserts, snacks, beverages, water and other extras.  You can choose complete meals or put your meal together yourself a al cart using their entrees, sides and desserts.  All MRE meals include a flameless heater so that you can warm your meals up. However the meals are pre-cooked and ready to eat, so heating them is optional. The shelf life of these MRE products is 5 years. The ReadyStore offers a price matching guarantee that they even honor for  up to 10 days after your purchase, and the most you will pay in domestic shipping is $12.

Emergency Essentials MRE Product Review

BePrepared.com MRE ProductsEmergency Essentials is one of the more well known brands in the emergency preparedness space.  They are also one of the few destinations that offers a nice selection of emergency MRE products. They have put a lot of effort into this segment of their product line, and offer high quality and a variety of options for configuring the implementation of MREs into your emergency survival plan and food supply.  You have the option of choosing whole meals or individual entrees, drinks, desserts, sides and snacks to create your own meals.  All complete meals come with an MRE heater, but can be eaten cold as well since they are pre-cooked.  The individual MRE components do not come with  heater, but they are really really inexpensive to add.  Emergency Essentials provides a price match guarantee that is good for up to 30 days after your purchase.  If you find the same exact product at a lower price during that time – they will provide you with a credit on your next purchase in the amount of the difference. They have been involved in emergency preparedness for longer than many of their competitors, and have a solid, knowledgeable approach to the industry.

MRE Products at Amazon

Emergency MREs at AmazonI really can’t help it – I’m frugal, which means I always include a price and value check at Amazon when I’m shopping for anything, including emergency preparedness products.  Amazon actually has a healthy selection of emergency MREs and its worth checking the price point and deals available before you make your final decisions.  While I usually prefer the companies listed above because they put a lot of emphasis on quality control and inventory rotation, which means I won’t get outdated or close to expiration products when I order, sometimes a rock bottom price and free shipping can be a deal breaker.  If nothing else, you can get great user feedback and review information from Amazon customers who have purchased specific brands.  I don’t always order from Amazon, but I usually check them out for comparison.

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  • But beware…I placed an order with the Ready Store one year ago. It has been nothing but problems all along the way and I still feel like after contacting the company through Customer Service many many times I haven’t been heard. It was understandable that in the beginning after Covid hit and then we had an earthquake it would be difficult for the items I ordered to be available right away. I was totally fine with waiting for three months as I was told. But I didn’t hear anything from the company after that time. It wasn’t until I reached out to the company again and again that I realized just how difficult It may be to actually get the products I ordered. Then all of a sudden I received boxes of full meals. When I called about them I was told that somebody in the warehouse had made the decision to fill orders based on what was available instead of waiting for these back ordered items to come in. I returned those and Hunter replaced the original order that I had wanted. But that just pushed my order down to the bottom of the waiting list. So then I had to wait another three months they said before they would come back in stock. An email from Monica on Dec. 31, 2020 stated “Rest assured, your order remains in full force and is expected to get there as quickly as possible.” So I tried to be patient and waited a few more months. Today marks a year exactly since I first placed the order so I thought I would login to my account and see if there had been any progress made. It showed that the order had fully shipped but UPS wasn’t able to provide any tracking information. So I called up the store and was told that the order DID fully ship but it was so long ago that they don’t have any shipping information for it. I don’t buy it. Nothing arrived here from the store in that time. If I hadn’t checked to see what was going on with my account, this company would have continued to show that the order was filled and shipped. But my sweet Mom, who wanted to purchase emergency meals for us, would be out the money already collected for the order but the product would never be fully received. Over the phone today, I was told those particular MREs aren’t even being sold by the company anymore. Good to know. I was given the option to replace each MRE with a full meal. As generous as that may sound, they were not meals that my family would like to eat. In an emergency I want to feed my family meals that they are more familiar with and comfortable eating. It’s my job to take care of my family and I was really hoping that it wouldn’t be this difficult to get to that point. I don’t feel prepared. This store is not “Always Here/Always Ready”. I’m so frustrated. I asked to have the order refunded. I just hope that the refund will go through faster for my sweet Mom than this original order has taken. Customer Service just has not been very helpful in the sense that they keep saying over and over again just wait three more months just wait three more months, “I’m sorry we’re doing the best that we can”. But to have someone in the warehouse first make a decision for me and send us boxes of food that we did not want and then to show in my account that the order was fully shipped when honestly I don’t think that anything ever was shipped from that order, it’s ridiculous. I would really appreciate a response from somebody who isn’t just being told to send out canned responses. As a mother, I have a strong need to prepare my family for as many possibilities as I can. I just want to be heard.

    Tahra Godfrey 3 years ago

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