Emergency Survival Tips & Resources

Sometimes knowing what to do is all that stands between you and survival. In your daily life now, you benefit from tried and tested techniques and behaviors which you know produce a desired result. When you are hungry, you go to a restaurant, a fast food joint or to the grocery store to shop. Those with the resources that are available to you. In a disaster situation, your scenario will depend on an entirely different knowledge set. This information is essential to your emergency preparedness plans. Consider the following 3 totally different emergency preparedness situations.

  • You decide to prepare for bugging in, staying right where you currently call home.
  • You build a survival bunker for you and your family.
  • You decide that the wilderness will provide you with the best opportunity for survival, away from mankind.

Many of the requirements for those 3 very different survival situations are the same. You need to know how to secure shelter, food, water and fire in any situation. Many are different. Surviving in the wild means hunting and gathering for food, while living in a survival bunker means storing food. Regardless which one of those plans you follow, knowledge is the key to success. That is what this section of our website was built for.

Here you will find survival tips, tricks, hacks and resources that give you and your family the best chance of surviving any SHTF scenario. All of the information contained here will positively impact one or more of the 4 survival basics – fire, shelter, water, food.

The best way to prepare for a natural or man-made catastrophe or doomsday event is with a checklist. Rather than making your own checklist from scratch, there are several which have been formulated by seasoned survivalists and experts in the field of disaster preparedness which you can download for free and get started with immediately.

You should also keep a list of disaster response services and agencies in your area available for quick reference. There are many other skills which you must practice in advance of an emergency situation, so that they become second nature. Here is where you will find tips, references and resources to all such information.

Emergency Survival Checklist

Survival ChecklistAn emergency survival checklist can be short and sweet, or run several pages. It all depends on your disaster preparedness ideology. If you are prepping for yourself only, preparing what you will need for 1 year of survival, you will have certain needs and requirements. A family of 4 prepping a survival bunker for 10 years will obviously have a different checklist from yours. Do not overlook the importance of a checklist you can follow to make sure that you do not forget some important item, piece of gear or strategy that could save you and your family’s life. Downloadable survival checklists, both paid and free, ensure your ability to provide fire, water, food and shelter for both short and long-term emergency situations.

Disaster Response Services and Agencies

Disaster ResponseKnowing those agencies and organizations which provide aid before, during and after a disaster is extremely important. In some situations, you will not have availability to medical care, first responders or rescue teams. You may likewise find yourself unable to take advantage of emergency food supplies provided by your local or federal government. Nevertheless, arming yourself with a list of the disaster response services and agencies which can aid you in the case of an emergency is a smart idea. Many disaster survival situations are short-term, and they do not require you leaving your current living quarters. Knowing what disaster agencies and services are available to you, in your area, where they are located and how to get a hold of them, could prove helpful.

Additional Survival Guides

This area will be where we list valuable survival guides and articles created by other emergency preparedness experts and enthusiasts.

  • Guide to Surviving in the Wild – This article was created by the owners of AMMO.com, an excellent resource for those individuals seeking information about purchasing ammunition, as well as support for understanding our second amendment rights and what it means to arm ourselves in today’s politically correct climate.  You can learn more about them here: http://ammo.com/

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