Emergency Food Storage

This emergency food storage section will focus mostly on Do-It-Yourself (DIY) food preparation. We also have specific sections on our website for long term emergency food and short-term emergency food supply suggestions, which many times arrive in sealed storage containers. But there are many reasons why you will want to build your own emergency food pantry, and that is what we will cover here.

Emergency food storage can include survival canning, or simply stocking up on traditional canned and freeze-dried foods. All DIY emergency food storage situations will be taken into account, including what foods are a necessity for a long-term survival situation. 10 year, 25 year and shorter-term food kits have been reviewed, as well as long-lasting storage containers recommended for building your own survival pantry.

Emergency Food Storage Products & Reviews

What you store  your food in is as important as what you’re eating.  This section of our survival guide will include reviews of the best products for long term food storage.  The products you will find listed on this page will be ideal for DIY preppers and will take into account value, portability, durability, and safety, among other elements that are critical to keeping your food supply secure and fresh. We also mention the emergency food companies and products that send survival food kits and products in food grade containers that more than adequately perform for long term food storage. Please check back as we will be posting our results and the actual reviews within the next few weeks.  Many food kits come in food grade storage containers such as buckets or sealed packets, so as you are waiting for us to get our detailed food storage product reviews up, you can visit this emergency food kit page to access high quality products that often come with their own storage containers in tact.

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