Long Term Food Supply

Long Term Food SupplyIn many cases, emergency survival situations are short-lived. However, you know that you need to hope for the best and plan for the worst. Preparing your family’s emergency food supply means making 3 considerations. You need 72 hours worth of food in your bug out bag. But you also have to prepare for short-term (30 to 90 days) and long-term survival situations when compiling all of your emergency supplies. A long-term food supply is generally considered anything over 1 year, but a number of food supply companies and preppers consider a 6 month range to be long term as well. Fortunately, there are emergency food supply packages available to accommodate any type of storage term for instant purchase online. You should also consider survival seeds and seed banks for long-term food provision.  Another very critical component of long term survival planning is planning for your pets as well.  We have a helpful guide to emergency pet survival to assist you with this.

Of course, you can begin stocking your own pantry as well. Don’t forget to include those long-term emergency foods which last indefinitely – wheat, dried corn, instant coffee and tea, honey, powdered milk and white rice. One benefit of purchasing supplies from emergency survival food providers is that these packages and canisters are usually made stackable and durable, taking up the least amount of storage space while providing a long-term supply.  Many short term emergency food supply products also come in optimal storage containers with long life.  Below you will find information about the long term food supply brands and suppliers we ourselves use and trust, and why we recommend them to our visitors.

Long Term Emergency Food Supply Reviews

Long Term Food Supply ReviewsHere is where we will provide input regarding the leading options for shopping for your long term food supply.  This section of our site focuses on food supply packages designed specifically for long term situations that are already compiled by the supplier.  This page does not necessarily address instructions for those who want to piece together a long term food supply pantry through a DIY strategy.  We are working on creating some guides for that purpose as well!!  Some people like having more control over what their emergency food pantry consists of, while others prefer to let the experts handle that for them.  We support both approaches, and have created this page specifically for those preppers who are going with ready made supply packages.

 BuyEmergencyFood.com Long-Term Food Supply 3, 6 and 12 Month

logo-buy-emergecy-foodsThe featured food brand of BuyEmergencyFood.com is Legacy Premium.  When comparing them to the other brands, it is easy to see why preppers prefer Legacy.  Their food storage kits contain more than 100,000 more calories than some competitors for the same number of servings, they are GMO free, no MSG added, no HFCS, low fat, low sodium, high fiber, vegetarian friendly, include gluten free options and are packaged in nitrogen flushed pouches.  As someone who is dedicated to eating as clean as possible due to health considerations, those types of high quality products mean a lot to me.  They are stored in easy to stack plastic containers that offer a shelf life of 25 years.  Their long term food storage options offer the lowest cost per pound and per 2000 calories.  They focus on health, value and quality.  They are my personal brand of choice and in my various taste tests, Legacy food just tastes better.  They offer long term food kits from a 720 Servings up to their 4320 Serving food supply, and everything in between.  They break their long term food supply packages down by serving so you can figure out how long a package would last for your survival party.  They also offer free shipping on all domestic orders. In addition, they are currently running some great promotional gift with purchase offers.  To see all their long term food supply options, visit the link below.


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 Wise Long-Term Food Supply 6 and 12 Month

Wise Company LogoWise Foods offers 6 and 12 month disaster survival food supplies, suitable for every situation from 1 adult to several adults and multiple children. Serving sizes for their long term kits run from 720 to 4,320, and the space-saving, square, stackable plastic buckets are equipped with easy carry handles. With a 7 to 25 year shelf life, price begins at around $1 per serving and goes up to just over $2. Their products are popular for their taste and ease of preparation. They are involved in the manufacturing of their food products, which gives them more control over ingredients and quality.  This is a very attractive element from our perspective as quality of ingredients is really important to me.  As a cancer survivor, I believe we are what we eat, and that won’t change during a long term emergency situation. They are a very trusted brand in the industry, have a lot of experience in the survival niche to offer preppers, and consistently offer great promotions and flash sales. Below is a link to our review on Wise Company’s long term food supply products as well as a link that takes you directly to their site if you’re ready to just jump in.


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