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Emergency Preparedness used to be the entertaining preoccupation of the local ‘prepper crazies’ and conspiracy theorists. The information age coupled with innovative advancements in emergency food and supplies has transformed the survivalist mindset and industry into something quite relevant to legitimate disaster preparedness and wilderness adventure recreation.

The number of people genuinely interested in establishing a disaster survival plan and acquiring the necessary emergency supplies has grown significantly.  On the flip side of the coin, individuals who relish the recreational side of the survivalist skillset are also increasing in numbers, giving the industry an opportunity to double dip through a growing new niche that is getting more and more sophisticated.

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Emergency Food and Water

Everyone would agree that food and water are extremely essential to survival in any kind of man-made or natural disaster that could occur.  We have provided reviews of the leading food companies that cater to disaster preparedness, as well as reviews of related products for securing and storing your emergency food and water rations.  

Emergency Food

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Emergency Water

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More Essential Emergency Supplies

Disaster ResponseDepending on the conditions present within the environment in which you may be displaced, there are are a number of additional elements other than food or water which must be considered. We are committed to creating a comprehensive guide that spans a wide range of emergency products and services that fall into the emergency essentials category including:

Disaster Survival & How To Guide

disaster survival how to guideWe felt compelled to include a “how to guide” that covers multiple emergency essentials topics, including creating your disaster survival plan, DIY survival kits, surviving specific natural and man made events and disasters, as well as options for enhancing your extreme outdoors and wilderness adventures. We have also included some relevant informational articles concerning disaster survival statistics, resources and facts.

Emergency Survival Tips & Resources

Emergency Survival ChecklistThis is where you will find information regarding emergency response services and resources, as well as a nice selection of tips and facts that will assist you in your emergency preparedness efforts.

Articles & News Blog

Survival news and articlesOur blog and article library is designed to be a helpful resource that contains articles and news stories concerning emergency survival and preparedness. We are confident that this additional information will prove useful to all types of disaster peppers.


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