Emergency Generators

Emergency GeneratorAn emergency generator is likely to be one of the most expensive disaster survival items you will purchase, and the most reliable emergency power supply. Why is that? Because emergency generators go a long way towards providing you with your pre-disaster lifestyle. Take a moment to imagine your family surviving with and without a generator. When you purchase a generator and enough fuel to last through an extended disaster scenario, you provide heat, light, cooking ability and comfort, as well as power for any piece of electric survival gear that you’ve included among your essential emergency supplies.

For a bug in that situation the right kind of generator definitely minimizes the negative impact of any disaster, natural or man-made. The same goes for living in an emergency shelter. The emergency generators we have reviewed come highly regarded by us, as well as other disaster preppers like yourself which have purchased them and put them through their paces. Our generator reviews also cover a wide range of wattage sizes, prices and features, so you can choose the perfect one for your family.  A generator will cost more than other emergency power supplies, such as emergency batteries, but it will accomplish a lot more in return.

Emergency Generator Reviews

We are in the process of compiling comprehensive and up to date reviews on the top emergency generator products available to preppers who are in the process of creating disaster survival plans and securing essential supplies to carry out those plans.  This category of reviews is actually pretty time consuming and demanding as it required gaining access to the actual products to evaluate and test their quality, performance and how well they would work in an emergency situation. We did not simply rely on the word of others using these generators, we wanted to see the actual product for ourselves.  Naturally we could not purchase every single generator that we wanted to review, but we could gain temporary access to each of them for insight into each individual unit.  As soon as we complete our reviews, they will be available on this page.

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