Emergency Pet Survival

pet survival guideIn case of disaster, the survival of your pet needs to be planned for. Just like the other members of your family, your feline or canine companion will have day-to-day needs which must be met in case of emergency. And those crucial survival requirements are similar to your own. Your pet needs shelter, water and food to live. They need some of the very emergency supplies that you do.  So this must be planned for. But is there anything you are missing?

What exactly, component by component, must you pack in your emergency pet survival kit? How much food do you need, and how do you transport it? What if your cat, dog or other pet becomes injured, what do you do then? Will your pet be accepted if you head to a public shelter? These are just a few of the disaster scenario questions you are probably asking yourself if you are preparing for the survival of your family’s pet companion. Don’t worry, we are here to help.

Disaster Survival Pet Food and Water Supply

Emergency Pet FoodYou can purchase cat and dog emergency kits and survival packages which include food and water requirements for a specific number of days. These usually come in a backpack, making transportation easy. You can also assemble your own pet food and water supply for emergency situations. If you plan on bugging in (riding out a disaster scenario in your current living quarters), you probably have ample storage for plenty of water and food, both for your pet and your family. Whatever your unique situation, you need to plan for a supply of food and water for your pet, just as you do for your family.

Pet First Aid Kit

Pet first aidThere is no doubt you have prepared a first aid kit for your disaster survival plan. Most homes keep some type of first aid resources available, even in non-emergency times. But have you thought about your pet? They have very specific non-human needs which may not be tended to properly with your family’s first aid kit if they suffer an injury or sickness. Do you know how to perform CPR on your pet? What is the correct heatstroke treatment protocol for animals?

Surviving a cataclysmic disaster can also be very traumatic. How do you treat shock if your cat or dog cannot emotionally or mentally deal with this catastrophic situation? These are all questions that a pet first aid kit can answer. They often times come with a manual which shows you exactly how to treat common survival scenario symptoms and injuries. And they contain the appropriate medicines and first aid items that can nurse your pet back to health.

Pet Survival Kit or Bug Out Bag

pet survival kitYou have prepared your own GO bag. You also have bug out bags for each of the members of your family. Guess what … your pet needs one too. The whole idea of a 72-hour bag is a “grab and go” resource for survival. It contains everything you need to get through at least 3 days of a disaster scenario. Literally the very second that an emergency situation occurs, you grab your bug out backpack, sling it over your shoulder and you are out the door.

If you value the life and companionship of your household pet, you need a bug out bag or pet survival kit prepared and ready to go, filled with the basic items your animal is going to need to live for at least 3 days. There are plenty of pet survival kits and bug out bags to choose from, or you can build your own. We are here to help you include just the right survival items that ensure your pet gets through this disaster with you in the least traumatic manner.

Emergency Pet Survival Resources

pet survival kitThere are a number of agencies and community resources available to assist you in caring for your pet during an emergency or disaster situation.  We strongly recommend that you keep a list of these agencies in your bug out bag, including both local support options as well as the national organizations we have listed below.  Many of these services also offer mobile apps for your smartphone for easy access to information.


Humane Society




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