What Motivates You To Take Emergency Survival Prepping Seriously?

Survivor!This is a question in which my answer has transformed dramatically over the last year.  Had you asked me this question a year and a half ago, I would have given you some very logical answers that include conventional wisdom, love of family, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, distrust of the government’s hand in the future of our nation and world, and so forth.  My answer now is more precise and based on an evolved perception of the fragility of life.  The single most pertinent factor that now motivates me to be a devoted prepper is a new understanding of my mortality.  Life forced me to take an up close and personal look at just how rapidly circumstances can change, and

4 Keys to Surviving Any Emergency or Disaster, Big or Small

4 keys to survivingIn 2013 in the United Kingdom there were 505 reported power outages. More than 2 million people were affected. Since 2010, there have been more than 30 major floods around the world, impacting more than 500 million people. There are thousands of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, flash floods and other man-made or natural disasters each and every year. Economic crashes and simple job losses can change the way you look at life literally overnight. The lesson here?

Everyone should prepare for surviving an emergency or disaster, not just radical doomsday predictors.

When you begin to think about what you need to survive a disaster scenario, you can become a little overwhelmed. There are a lot of things to consider.

Steps To Take In An ‘Active Shooter’ Scenario

Active ShooterConsider the following common daily scenarios. You are experiencing another normal day at work. You are attending a crowded outdoor festival. You are trying to keep from falling asleep during an especially boring class at school. Those are 3 things that happen all the time, aren’t they? Unfortunately, those are 3 environments where terrorists, thrill killers and psychologically unbalanced gunmen attack.

They choose those types of situations because they know most people have their danger-radar on low, or entirely off, during those common situations. This makes you as easy a target as a fish in a barrel to someone who is trying to pile up as many random kills as possible. Should you find yourself in an active shooter situation,

Preparing for a Tornado – What You Should Know

preparing for a torandoTornadoes can be scary and unpredictable, but having your home hit by a tornado does not have to be the end of the world. If you are prepared, you may be able to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. You may also be able to minimize the damage to your home and belongings.

Watch Local Warnings

Being aware of local warnings and watches may help you to have advanced notice of a tornado in the area. This may give you the time that you need to compile emergency supplies and to seek shelter. If advisories are given, stay tuned into local radio or television station so that you are aware of any tornadoes approaching the area of your home. Make

An Amazing Real-Life Disaster Survival Story – 32 days and 310 miles in Antarctica

Douglas Mawson Survival StoryOn a day-to-day basis, your life is probably pretty comfortable and simple. You have all the conveniences of modern technology, and take things like food, water and shelter for granted. Today’s human also is more sedentary than ever before. People are overweight and obese in a greater percentage than at any other time in human history.

The typical diet is horrible to say the least. This has led to a long list of debilitating and possibly deadly physical and mental health conditions, diseases and ailments. So you may not believe that you have what it takes to survive if you are thrust into a difficult emergency or catastrophe situation.

Actually, the opposite is true. You can do										

Do You Have the Skill to Cook Meals Over a Campfire During A Survival Situation?

campfire cookingBefore becoming interested in survival preparedness, many of us probably have never even tried to cook something over a campfire. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that cooking over a campfire is easy peasy, and requires no skill.  I would definitely recommend that you try it at least a few times and that you have some recipes and supplies on hand specifically for campfire cooking, even if you have made other preparations for cooking food during a survival situation.  Because emergencies and survival scenarios come unexpectedly, you really don’t know what type of circumstances you will find yourself in.  You may be the savviest prepper in the world and have secured multiple methods and supplies by which to cook your food,

14 Situational Awareness Tips That Prepare You for Any Disaster or Emergency

survival awareness tips for emergency situationsSituational awareness is being aware of your surroundings, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Because of your natural fight or flight reflex, your senses are heightened whenever you are put into a stressful situation. Your hearing and vision become sharper. Your mental ability to discern between potentially harmful and neutral factors improves instantly.

In short, you become slightly superhuman as long as your brain perceives some type of stress or danger that might possibly affect you.

This happens automatically as an unconscious survival tactic. However, humans do not live in nearly as chaotic an environment as we did when we lived in caves and ran from saber-toothed tigers. This means there are

Simple Disguise and Camouflage Techniques for Disaster Survival

camouflage techniques for survivalThe “Gray Man” (alt: grey man) concept is based on the natural lack of attention that the color gray draws to itself. By becoming a gray man (or woman) you camouflage yourself by hiding in plain sight. This is one of the most effective disguises you can ever wear, and is practiced by accomplished spies and espionage professionals.

For disaster survival, this can be a life-saving tool. You want to be seen as a non-entity. When people happen to look your way their eyes pass right over you. They don’t view you as a threat. You don’t appear to have any possessions worth taking. Even if you’re a trained fighter, excellent at hand-to-hand combat, you never go out

Building a Campfire and Hiding It from Your Enemies

building a campfireIn a survival situation you are going to need to build a fire. You need to be able to do so quickly, with minimal resources available. Fire can provide warmth and is used for cooking. It is also great for repelling mother nature’s predators. The US Ranger Handbook and the US Army Survival Field Manual (FM 21-76) teach fire building skills, as it is considered to be such a life saving ability to master.

Unfortunately, your fire can also act as a homing signal for others, personal enemies, disaster survivors and other people intent on taking your possessions and possibly doing you harm.

Because of this, you will need to be able to build and hide a campfire if you

5 Survival Skills You Absolutely Must Have (#1 is Always Overlooked)

5 basic survival skillsYou don’t have to believe in a doomsday apocalypse to understand the importance of survival techniques. You can be minding your own business, enjoying another mind-numbing day at work, and any number of disasters can strike.

An active shooter, hurricane, tornado, earthquake or societal unrest can hit you right where you live, work and play, any day, at any time.

That means in the blink of an eye you must transform from comfortable, barely conscious, 21st century automaton to a “how do I survive this” mentality. This may or may not include a lack of government or police protection, a lawless environment, and possibly life-threatening scenarios when The S*^# Hits The Fan. The following 5 skills

The #1 Threat to Your Day-To-Day Survival? (It’s Not What You Think)

number one threat to our livesAsk a veteran prepper what happens after a solar flare and you will get an in-depth explanation. Want to know how to prepare for and survive an EMP blast? Most preppers can answer that question for you. The same is true for terrorist attracts, the New Madrid earthquake, World War III, civil unrest and financial collapse. Unfortunately however, one of the most common “real-world” scenarios that you may have to survive one day is flying dangerously under the radar in the survivalist and prepper communities.

Your Biggest Day-to-Day Survival Threat … An Active Shooter

A lot of people scoff when an active shooter is mentioned as the most serious threat to your day-to-day survival. But let’s

Attention Doomsday Preppers – You Are Wasting Your Time

Doomsday Prepping Waste of TimeDear disaster preparedness aficionados, you need to read channel your efforts and change the way you are thinking. Yes, an EMP could wipe out all electrical and communications grids and systems. A massive solar flare could potentially do the same thing. A huge asteroid or comet could strike planet Earth, sending most human beings the way of the dinosaur. The Yellowstone super volcano, New Madrid earthquake, dirty bombs, biological agents, deadly viruses, terrorists, World War III and nuclear war – all of those catastrophes have the possibility of occurring.

Disaster Probability Does Not Guarantee Possibility

But they do not have the probability of doing so. Just because something is possible does not mean that it

3 Common Prepper Mistakes You Are Probably Making Right Now

common prepper mistakesOdds are, you are making at least 1 or 2 of the following 3 prepper mistakes that are wasting your time, effort and hard earned money. I don’t know your level of disaster preparedness, whether you are a newbie or a veteran. But as an occasional gambler, and usually a profitable one, I usually try not to buck the odds. That means that the following information dictates you may be making some common emergency preparedness mistakes.

80% Of The 3 Million US Preppers Are Doing It Wrong

Consider the following pieces of information:

  • It is widely believed by experts in the disaster preparedness field that there are 3 million preppers in the United States.*
  • The Pareto Principle

Robo-Humans That Live 150 Years And Signal The End of Human Existence As We Know It … Are Already Here

Robo Human research by GoogleWould you happily trade your humanity for 150 years of Android life? We are already replacing human body parts, muscles, joints and even organs with artificial ones that work better and last longer. Would you quickly give up being 100% human so you could extend your existence, even if you were regarded as an Android by natural human beings? Those are very real questions you may have to answer in the near future … a future that is closer than you think.

Google Is Working Diligently to Make You Immortal

In secret labs where no cameras are allowed, Big G has biomechanical engineers, geneticists and roboticists working feverishly to extend the average human lifespan. This is not

Why Hunkering Down May Not Be an Option in the US

Hunkering Down vs Bugging OutIt may be a real pain in the “you know what” to evacuate your entire family from your current living quarters should disaster strike. However, that may be your only chance at survival. If you live in a heavily populated area, the fact that 99% of US citizens are not preparing in any way for a disaster scenario could spell doom for you and your family.

Your home, apartment or condo could become a death trap, especially if you have shared your disaster preparedness food, water and survival gear plans with anyone. After just a few days of little food and very little water, no power or regulated temperature, even your best friends may start feeling

How to Charge Your Smartphone … With Water

Candle ChargerYour smartphone can save your life in a disaster situation in a number of ways. You can use it as a signaling mirror, send out an emergency asking for help, and search and rescue teams can track you down because of the GPS device inside your phone. If you can receive a signal you can just downright call for help, and even smartphones without a contract or service plan can place 911 calls. In a pinch, your phone could even be used as a weapon in a hand-to-hand combat situation. But in most cases, your smartphone is useless in a survival situation if it doesn’t have a charge.

Unfortunately, disaster usually has a really annoying way of striking when you

Aloe Vera as a Multi-Purpose Survival Tool?

Aloe Vera PlantJust about everyone knows that the creamy gel of an Aloe Vera plant is great for providing relief from sunburn. But it is also an extremely versatile gift from mother nature that every outdoor enthusiast, prepper and survivalist needs to know more about. It can provide help and relief in a number of ways. Did you know that the Aloe Vera plant can …

… reduce the bags under your eyes? Disaster survival can be very taxing, physically and mentally. This can lead to poor sleep patterns that cause puffiness, redness and those unattractive bags under your eyes. A little Aloe Vera gel is remarkably good at removing the bags under your eyes, almost instantly.

… cure heartburn? Yep, ingesting this miracle

20 Grade Schoolers Fight Off Zombie Attack … For Real?

zombie-survivalCould you survive a zombie apocalypse? Or would you quickly become just another member of the undead masses, fueled by a desire to eat human brains? There are 20 children aged 8 to 12 that know the answers to those questions due to a recent harrowing experience they underwent at the hands of a few survival camp staffers. The Chicago children learned how to ration food and protect themselves in a survival situation while fending off brain munchers at the Burr Ridge Park District’s Zombie Adventure Camp.

The week-long survival camp teaches children how to start a fire in the wilderness, and perform first aid procedures when caught out in the wild. Camp survival instructor Kenzie Stednitz noted that the children also learn

Arizona Kayakers’ Perfect Survival Skills Lead to Life-Saving Rescue

Kayakers use survival skills to make it through crisis situationIt was supposed to be the perfect getaway. But what started out as an idyllic kayaking trip among 3 friends from Arizona went horribly wrong rather quickly. Only a few hours into a river outing that was up until then beautiful and enjoyable, the inflatable kayaks the trio were using were slashed beyond repair by jagged river rocks and submerged tree limbs.

The 3 managed to make their way to the bank of the white water river, where they calmly surveyed their situation and proceeded to do everything they could to ensure their rescue. The killer in so many disaster survival situations is panic. But anxiety and worry never came into play

When the SHTF and Economies Crumble, What Becomes the New Money?

What will become the new money?What’s going to be the new “money” when your economy crumbles? Why not ask Greece? Because of socialist entitlement beliefs and left-wing political practices (a discussion for another day), their entire economy went belly up. For over 2 years now the United States government has been operating with fake money. The Euro is so weak that it is almost equal to the pathetic US Dollar in value.

What does all this mean?

It means that unless you have been living in a state of denial, you have seen the economic handwriting on the proverbial wall – your economy, wherever you live right now, is in a daily state of possibly failing at any given moment.

US Education Secretary Wants Your Kids in Government Run Boarding Schools 24/7

US government wants to keep your kids 24/7Obama’s Secretary of Education and longtime lefty liberal Arne Duncan believes the government can raise your children better than you can. Speaking to attendees of the National Summit on Youth Violence Prevention Duncan raised the idea of public boarding schools that could easily brainwash your child 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. What better way for politicians to advance their ideologies?

  • Turning Your Children into Brainwashed Believers

Change sometimes comes quickly. But it is most powerful when it is slowly implemented. Mentioning the idea now and agreeing that it is controversial gets the conversation started. At first, the US government, and others around the world,

What a Vladimir Lenin Quote Reveals About Why Your Government Wants to Take Your Guns

Government wants our gunsRemember Vladimir Lenin? He was that swell guy that systematically murdered millions in the name of communism and socialism, while proposing wide-scale reeducation (brainwashing) and the formation of a single state, rather than individuals capable of making their own choices. One of many revealing statements Lenin made has to do with your constituional right to bear arms:

“One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”

Truer words were never spoken.

That is exactly why one of the first moves he made when he became the supreme overlord of Russia on December 30, 1922 was to begin outlawing possession of firearms. Politicians understand the powerful stance they own when their overbearing police state holds all the

US Government Insider Reports Infrastructure Cyber Attacks “Increasing in Frequency”

Cyber Attacks increasing according to whistle blowerThe most powerful nation in the world can do nothing to stop the increased frequency of major cyber attacks. United States energy secretary Ernest Moniz recently reported that it is becoming more and more difficult for USA’s cyber cops to “stay ahead of the bad guys.” In an interview with the Christian Science Monitor, Moniz revealed startling details about the vulnerability of United States natural gas pipelines.

“The natural gas system, the distribution pipes, are a big issue,” the concerned high-ranking US official stated. He went on to point out that, “About half of the distribution pipes in the country are 50 years old or older, so that’s a very obvious area” of cyber terrorism

Russian Scientist: Unstoppable Solar Flares Cause “Mass Human Excitability”

Are solar flares a possible disaster to worry about?Solar flares are one of the events that many disaster preppers have on their radar. There are 3 good reasons why this potentially disastrous natural effect worries so many in the disaster preparedness community.

  1. Solar flares are unstoppable and unpreventable
  2. Solar flares can have disastrous regional and global effects on electric power grids
  3. According to a Russian scientist, solar flares “massively excite” human behavior

What Exactly Are Solar Flares?

A solar flare is just what it sounds like. It is a massive “flaring up” of solar activity. This creates unbelievably high levels of radiation that are created when magnetic energy associated with sunspots is released. The larger the solar flare, the bigger

7 Ways Hiking ‘Preps’ you to Be a Better Prepper

Hiking supports prepper skillsSure, everyone knows that hiking helps you keep in shape. That obviously can positively affect anything that you do, including your disaster preparedness efforts. There are definitely some “no-brainer” ways that hiking helps you become a better proper. But there are also some lesser-known areas where hiking promotes your mental and physical prepping efforts. Check out the following 7 hidden benefits of hiking for preppers and survivalists, and get out on the trail today.

# 1 – You benefit from being “in” the prepping frame of mind

Preparing for a disaster or catastrophe is easy to do when you are sitting inside your climate controlled home or apartment. You are sipping on your favorite beverage, perhaps watching a

US Government Insider Reports Infrastructure Cyber Attacks Increasing in Frequency

cyber-attackThe most powerful nation in the world can do nothing to stop the increased frequency of major cyber attacks. United States energy secretary Ernest Moniz recently reported that it is becoming more and more difficult for USA’s cyber cops to “stay ahead of the bad guys.” In an interview with the Christian Science Monitor, Moniz revealed startling details about the vulnerability of United States natural gas pipelines

“The natural gas system, the distribution pipes, are a big issue,” the concerned high-ranking US official stated. He went on to point out that, “About half of the distribution pipes in the country are 50 years old or older, so that’s a very obvious area” of cyber terrorism targeting. Since much of the

Why You Absolutely Must Start Pulling Cash Out of Your Bank Immediately

money-seizure-banksThe banks are coming after your cash, and the government is helping them do it. J.P. Morgan Chase is one of the largest banking conglomerates on planet Earth. In early 2015, they began advising their customers they would no longer allow them to store cash in their safety deposit box. That is right, the safety deposit box that you paid for is not safe anymore … you can’t even keep what you want in it.

Banks Claim “No Cash” Safe Deposit Box Rule Is to Protect You

Of course, the bank says that they only have your best interests at heart. As you probably know, that is anything but the truth. J.P. Morgan Chase pointed out that if there was an

Economic Collapse – a Very Real Possibility in Your 21st Century

Economic Collapse - its not if but when.

A local or global economic collapse is one of the most mentioned concerns of those preparing for long-term survival of a disaster situation. The imposition of martial law, a chaotic social atmosphere, the collapse of governments, widespread rioting and anarchy – those are just a few of the lovely side effects you can look forward to when your economy collapses. And in the 21st century, that is a very real, increasingly probable situation.

In 2015 there were hushed accounts of the United States government planning to declare martial law. Was this because politicians understood the very tenuous state the US economy was in? With an increasingly left-wing government, US citizens have to daily

Disaster Preparedness Dating Services – Finding the Perfect Prepper Partner

prepper-dating-servicesAre you a single prepper? When you mention your disaster preparedness interests to prospective dates, do they get that look in their eye like they are thinking, “Okay, crazy person here!” Well, your days of preparing for nuclear fallout, civil unrest, economic collapse or a doomsday apocalypse all on your lonesome are over for good. Introducing … disaster preparedness dating services.

A quick web search for the term “dating services” turns up some pretty traditional (and some pretty scary) niches. Plenty of Fish is one of the largest online dating services, with a global reach. Several filters are available for you to search for the perfect mate.

And you can search for the “disaster preparedness” term on that website quickly. However, even though more

Do You Know The Disaster “Rule of Threes” That Guarantees Your Survival?

rule-of-threeI recently ran across a wonderful quote made by a well-known survivalist. He said that, “Knowledge weighs nothing.” How true that is. Whether you fill your head with garbage from a constant dose of brain-sucking reality television or proven survival tactics and strategies, that information does not restrict your movement with a weight requirement. Except, of course, the extra pounds of fat you put on if you are constantly sitting on your butt staring at your electronic idiot box while wolfing down pizza and potato chips, cheeseburgers and fries, ice cream and other wonderfully healthy foods.

Accordingly, you need to memorize and be able to recall immediately the human survival “Rule of Threes”. This rule reminds you that …

  • Human

5 Disaster Preparedness Myths You Absolutely, Positively Cannot Afford to Believe

myths“The check’s in the mail.” “My word is my bond.” “I can guarantee it.” “Trust me.” No doubt you have been on the receiving end of one or more of those empty promises at some time or another. Some things you simply cannot afford to believe. That is especially true with the following 5 disaster preparedness and emergency survival myths, which could have uncomfortable and even deadly repercussions if you believe them.

“My bug out bag is all I need.”

You should have a bug out bag (72 hour survival essentials) for each member of your family. This is because most emergency situations are short-lived. You simply need to get to your designated bug out location, bunker or safety, and 3

Congress Gives NSA Go-Ahead to Listen to All of Your Phone Calls with New Anti-Freedom Law

USA-Freedom-Act-338-88USA Freedom Act 338-88 is anything but that. If you live in the US and own a cell phone (more than 200 million adults do), you need to be scared. If you are one of the millions of households with a land-line telephone (a recommended emergency preparedness tool, by the way), the United States government now has a legal one-way listening device installed in your home.

If you place a phone call anytime, to anyone, anywhere, from your phone, an employer’s or a friend’s, be prepared to be arrested and detained at any hour day or night, and held indefinitely with no explanation or legal recourse.

Here’s why.

Under the Patriot Act, the Obama administration had secretly empowered the National Security Agency

Backpacking, Survival Skill Classes Welcoming Women in Record Numbers

women-backpackingWomen are finding empowerment and independence in the great outdoors. The last few years have seen women hit the backpacking and hiking trails in huge numbers. The disaster preparedness and survivalist communities have also benefited by a wave of single women, wives and single moms that want to create independence for themselves and their families by training and preparing for short and long-term emergency situations. More and more women are involved in the decision making and securing of supplies, such as emergency food, water and other essentials, as well as the more complex elements such as emergency shelter, weapons and self sustainability components.

Survivalist and Prepping Women On the Rise

The global emergency preparedness and

Recently Revealed – Secret “Iranian Handbook” Plans a Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse Attack (EMP) on America

empThe Iranian military has formalized plans for attacking America’s electrical and technology grid systems with a massive nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. This is not just theory. American officials have obtained an Iranian military handbook which outlines Iran’s intentions of delivering a massive blow to the American way of life.

Peter Vincent Pry is executive director of a special congressional advisory group which reports to USA’s Homeland Security. He warns that the P5+1 countries, which include the United States, China, Great Britain, France, Russia and Germany, need to further restrict Iran’s nuclear program. He stated that there is no doubt “Iranian military documents describe such a scenario, including a recently translated Iranian military textbook which endorses nuclear EMP attack against the United

Do You Have This 5th Essential Survival Skill?

shutterstock_273827216Your attitude, your mindset, is everything in life. You may have all the skills in the world in some area of expertise, but if your head is not in the right place, your lifetime of specialized knowledge can be rendered worthless. As someone preparing for any disaster scenario, either short or long-term, you understand that human beings need to establish or access shelter, water, fire and food, in that order, in an emergency situation.

Those are the 4 essential survival skills that everyone agrees upon. This is because the leading cause of death in documented survival situations is exposure or hypothermia. You absolutely must build a shelter or find one quickly. The next thing you need to do is establish a short-term and

The Top 7 Items to Barter and Trade In A SHTF Survival Scenario

barterYou know disaster survival is all about preparation. The more prepared you are, the better your chances of survival. One other prime rule of disaster preparedness and survival is to stock up on items which do double or triple duty. For instance, honey is a food item which can also be used to heal wounds and treat acne. Its incredible shelf life combines with this versatility to make it a top bartering item for disaster survival. Start stocking up on honey and these top 7 disaster barter items and you will always be able to trade for what you need.

1 – Toilet Paper

Toilet paper, also known as Mountain Cash in mountainous areas of the United States, is an excellent, low-cost barter item.

Disaster Survival Skills Third World Countries Can Teach You

third-world-countriesImpoverished people can teach you a lot about disaster survival. With so few resources and little to no money available, enterprising human beings in poor countries around the world make great teachers of disaster preparedness. They don’t always have the option to purchase supplies from the best emergency food companies, so they have learned to be resourceful and self reliant.  The following lessons come from communities in South America, Africa and Asia with limited food, water and resources but a wealth of ingenious survival skills.

Pay Attention and Keep Your Eyes Open

When you have very little, and no money to purchase what you need, you have to be on high alert for opportunities all the time. For you and

New Report Reveals Just 2.7% of US Families Have an Emergency Bunker or Bug Out Shelter

emergency-shelterMore than 69% of US citizens plan on staying with relatives or friends in case of an emergency or disaster situation which calls for evacuation. Just over 18% plan to stay in a motel or hotel, and a little over 4% plan to rely on public shelters. Only 27 out of every 1,000 US citizens polled by the Census Bureau have built or are currently building an emergency shelter option such as a bunker or bug out location.

The need for permanent shelter if you must evacuate your home is critical for your survival. Depending on the type of disaster situation, a well-stocked bunker or permanent shelter could literally save your life. Yet less than 3 out of every 100

The 1 Disaster Preparedness Essential That Most Families Forget to Stock

entertainmentAwesome. You’ve stocked up emergency food for you and your family for 5 years. You have 5 years of water stored as well. You have built individual bug out bags and emergency kits for each family member, have constructed a hidden doomsday bunker and equipped a rugged bug out vehicle. Everyone in your family can make fire, and you have all taken extensive personal defense and firearms training. You have left absolutely nothing to chance … or have you?

Food, water, shelter and fire are definite human essentials for survival. But if you and your family have to survive in a lock-down situation for 6 months, 1 year, 5 years or even longer, without some form of

How To Stock a 1 Year Emergency Food Pantry On Just $9 A Week

foodstorageAccess to an emergency food supply is crucial for long-term survival after a catastrophe. Not everyone believes in The End Times, or The End of the World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) becoming a reality anytime soon, if ever. But doesn’t it just make sense to have a 1 or 2 year supply of food for everyone in your family on hand in case of some type of emergency situation?

You bet it does.

The global economy has never been worse. People that were sure they would have a job for life are finding themselves unemployed. Natural disasters in recent years have reached epic proportions, and their frequency is alarming. Terrorism, nuclear accidents, an electrical grid shutdown … compiling an

14 Ingenious Survival Uses for Coffee Filters

coffee-filterWhy are coffee filters perfect for long-term survival after an emergency or disaster? Because they are extremely versatile, virtually weightless, portable and don’t cost much. The following 14 survival uses for coffee filters highlight some of the many ways this top survival barter item can make your life easier if a catastrophe puts you in a survival situation.

  • The perfect homemade teabag

Place tea, mint leaves and herbs in a coffee filter, gather the edges and tie with a string. Drop this makeshift teabag into some boiling water for a relaxing drink at the end of a long day of survival.

  • Makeshift bandage material

The absorbent, relatively strong and lightweight coffee filter is perfect as

Think You’re the Next Bear Grylls? Now You Can Find Out on “The Island”

the-island-bear-gryllsBear Grylls is looking for the next Bear Grylls, and he wants you to come to his island to see if you have what it takes. “The Island with Bear Grylls” began airing Season 2 in March of 2015, with the famous survivalist, UK military man, skydiver and mountain climber pitting 14 men against 14 women in an island survival contest.

This Is No Survivor

Unlike the popular Island-based reality show Survivor, The Island is filmed by the contestants themselves. They are handed a few basic tools, riding out tropical storm season for 6 weeks. The premise of the show is simple – when faced with the harsh realities of living in the wild, will disaster preppers and others with survival

5 Smart Survival Tips For Drought And Emergency Water Storage

If you don’t think a lack of safe drinking water is a possibility where you live, think again. California’s 4 year drought problems in the US culminated in 2015 with historic water limitation policies. The California Energy Commission joined Governor Jerry Brown to impose restrictions aimed at cutting the Golden State’s water consumption by a full 25%. This has made many people consider their practicality of emergency water.

California is home to some of the wealthiest and most modern communities in the world, and they do not have enough water for basic needs. Their current drought has delivered their worst water supply situation of the last 1,000 years. What can you do? Keep these top 5 tips for drought and emergency water storage in mind and start preparing

How to Create a Remarkably Loud Do-It-Yourself Tripwire Alarm In Under 10 Minutes for Less Than $20

DIY Tripwire AlarmDisaster survival situations come in all shapes and sizes. You may simply have to make it through a week without electricity in your home. Or you could end up in a long-term survival situation in your bug out location or doomsday bunker. Either way, knowing how to quickly secure your perimeter and alert you to any trespassers or intruders could save your life.

Even if you have multiple members in your survival party, it may be impossible to guard all 360 degrees of your perimeter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is where this inexpensive and easy to assemble do-it-yourself trip alarm comes into play. This surprisingly loud alarm can be assembled for $15 or $20 in

Which Major US City Boasts the Highest Home Survival Kit Percentage?

Most prepared US citiesQuick! Which major United States city is the most prepared? In other words, what city shows the highest percentage of households with a home emergency kit already in place? Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock … Time’s up! And the winner for the most disaster prepared city in the United States is …

A tie between Miami and Tampa Florida.

Just over 70% of the households in those 2 Florida Metropolitan areas have emergency supplies readily available in the case of an evacuation, catastrophe or disaster. At the other end of the spectrum are Chicago, Illinois; Minneapolis, Minnesota and Austin, Texas. Those 3 Metro areas unfortunately qualify for the lowest rate of homes with an emergency preparedness kit

SkySaver Disaster Survival Backpack Perfect For Escaping Elevated Emergencies

Skysaver Survival BackpackNot every disaster scenario means simply walking out through the front door of your office or home. In urban areas, and crowded, high-rise business environments, or even a multistory home, emergency response may mean attempting an escape of your environment from an elevated position. A fire, gas leak or active shooter situation may mean your only chance for survival is through the nearest window. That becomes a problem if you are not on the 1st or 2nd floor.

Fortunately, a company named SkySaver has released an ingenious device which takes only seconds to employ. Once strapped on, it slowly lowers you to safety. The SkySaver backpack is marketed as “your personal life saver”, and for urban citizens and

Banning, California to Host Free Disaster Survival Expo in April

Banning, CA  Disaster Survival Expo 2015Banning, Ca. will host its 10th annual Disaster Survival Exposition on Saturday, April 25 from 10 am to 2 pm. The free disaster preparedness education event will be held at the Community Center located at 789 N. San Gorgonio Avenue. Appropriately enough, April is Earthquake Preparedness Month. California is home to more earthquakes than any other state in the US every year, making the timing of the expo perfect for all Californians. However, event organizers stated that the agencies putting on the exposition will focus on your need to prepare for all types of disaster.

Hospital, emergency response, police and fire services from the area will be on hand to educate the public on exactly

ATF Publishing Error Ban of Popular .223 Caliber Ammunition Rescinded, Apology Delivered

ATF rescinds ammo ban and apologizesYou may recall that we reported here back on March 4 about the Obama administration’s efforts to outlaw one of the most popular pieces of rifle ammunition in the United States. After unsuccessfully attempting to ban sales and ownership of the AR-15 rifle, the president urged the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to ban the .223 caliber ammo used in that rifle. By limiting access to the gun’s ammo, the gun itself would become basically useless. What the ATF is describing as a “publishing error” led many to believe the organization had done as Obama directed.

.223 M855 Round Mistaken Classification

The Obama proposal claimed that the popular round qualified, by

9 Must-Have Items You Probably Didn’t Think About Putting in Your Bug Out Bag (BOB)

Emergency Survival Fishing KitYou know you need 72 hours worth of food and water in your bug out bag. You also understand you should have some type of emergency communications device, some cash, and some standard of personal defense. A flashlight and some way to start fire are also crucial items to have in an emergency situation. But the following items, though they could be essential to saving your life, are not usually added to a bug out bag. Add these 9 survival items to your BOB today, and they may just save your life tomorrow.

Solar powered batteries

They are more expensive than standard batteries. But when did you place those alkaline batteries in your bug out bag anyway? Do

Why Every Prepping Family Should Have a Vacuum Sealer

Why having a vacuum sealer is essential for emergency preparedness.

How would you like an extra $2,000 every year to spend on your disaster preparedness plan? You can free up more money than that by using a vacuum sealer. These relatively inexpensive and versatile machines remove excess air from packages. They are simple and easy to use. And according to the manufacturers of vacuum sealers, as well as the preppers that use them, you can save as much as $2,700 a year when you put one of these handy little items to work for your family.

Think about it. Exposure to air (predominantly oxygen) is what speeds up the decaying process in foods. When you purchase bulk food items on sale,

5 Natural and Man-Made Disaster Trends Peaking in the Early 21st Century

Number of earthquakes in 2014 was double the normal amount.  Preparing for disaster is something that you subconsciously do. All humans have an inherent survival instinct. That means that you are hardwired with a will to survive, and you might be surprised at what you can really do when your life is on the line. Unfortunately, there are several dangerous and even deadly man-made and natural trends which are on the drastic rise in the early 21st century. Prepare for the following 5 situations, and the potential dangers they could deliver, because they appear to be increasing in regularity and severity.

Civil and Racial Unrest and Violence Across the Globe

The Trayvon Martin case proved to be a racial powder keg,

What a Single Fiber Optics Cable in Flagstaff, Arizona Can Teach You About Prepping

Arizona Fiber Optics Cable CutOn an otherwise normal day in late February of 2015, a single fiber optics cable was cut in Northern Arizona. The result? Thousands of residents from just north of Phoenix all the way to Flagstaff, 100 miles away, got a harsh lesson in preparing for disaster situations. What’s that you say? Losing access to the Internet is no big deal? Think again.

When that fiber optics cable was vandalized just before noon on Wednesday, February 25, tens of thousands lost the ability to use the Internet and their cell phones. Many in this day and age do not own a land-line telephone. This means that communications were brought to an immediate standstill. Imagine teens and those in

Obama Bans Popular Ammo as Part of War on Preppers, Survivalists

Government attempts to ban popular ammo as part of war on preppers and survivalistsObama certainly doesn’t like preppers and survivalists. That much is evident. And he obviously is not smart enough to heed the wisdom of Zig Ziglar, one of the greatest salesman, marketer and sales coaches of all time. Ziglar would frequently remark that, “You can get everything you want, if you just help others get what they want.” Obama must believe the opposite, that he can get his way by disallowing you the ability to get the ammunition you want.

Since he obviously cannot get Congress to approve any of his proposals, US President Barack Obama has decided to flaunt his disdain of the U.S. Constitution, and the lawmaking process in

New Research Reveals Perfect Zombie Apocalypse Hideout

Perfect zombie apocalypse hideoutWell, it finally happened. The government’s secret viral research has turned on humanity, and the Zombie Apocalypse is at hand. You suddenly realize that years of watching The Walking Dead television series might not be enough to help you survive scores of brain munching undead. Your city has been overrun. You know you have to leave. But where do you go?

According to new information released by Cornell University researchers, you should take the advice of the 1980s Busch beer advertising campaign and head to the mountains. In the recent Cornell study it was revealed that those who reached the Rocky Mountains as quickly as possible, once zombies are walking the earth, have the best chance for survival.


7 Year Old Girl Uses Survival Skills Her Father Taught Her to Survive Plane Crash that Killed Her Family

7 year old girl uses survival skills taught by dad in aftermath of plane crashImagine this. You are returning home from a New Year’s celebration with your family. Your sister, cousin, mother and dad are in your father’s plane. Everyone is happy and having a good time … until your father announces there is something wrong with the engine. The plane crashes, and everyone onboard dies except you. You are strapped into your seat, hanging upside down, cold night is approaching and you do not know where you are.

Now imagine that you are just 7 years old. As hard as it may seem to believe, this actually happened in January of 2015 to Sailor Gutzler. Thanks to the survival skills