Gluten Free Emergency Food

It is estimated that nearly 20 million Americans have a strong gluten sensitivity. People preparing for an emergency food supply in the UK and other countries with modern-day diets also have the need for gluten-free considerations. Gluten-free emergency kits can provide anywhere from 72 hour to 30 day and even 1 year or longer food supply answers for your entire family or survival party.  It has become established a critical component for many families who are in the process of securing their emergency supplies.

However, this is not a disaster preparedness food option which is readily offered by most traditional survival food companies. We have taken the time to uncover the top providers of emergency food supplies which also offer gluten-free options. These are either freeze-dried or stored in sealed packages, and in many cases are described by how many servings a particular gluten-free emergency food product delivers. In most cases, you will pay between $2 and $6 per serving to get a highly rated product.

Gluten Free Emergency Food Supply Reviews

As the public becomes more aware of gluten sensitivities and the large number of people who suffer from sensitivities and allergies to gluten, the term gluten free is becoming a more important element within the food market, and this includes emergency food supply companies.  Planning ahead means you can incorporate foods into your emergency survival plan that accommodate food restrictions and special dietary needs. Due to poor regulation concerning food labels and claims by food manufacturers, it is imperative that you take into account input that is gleamed from industry professionals who take an in-depth approach to vetting gluten free products.  The list of products you see recommended in this guide are vetted by experienced survivalists who know what to look for in a quality and legitimate food source.  Our team is currently in the process of compiling a listing of legitimate gluten free emergency food products that are suitable for long term emergency food or short term survival food situations.  Our results will be posted here shortly.  In the interim, please visit this gluten free emergency food products page to access some high quality options.

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