Survival Seeds & Seed Banks

Survival Seeds for Emergency FoodAs a part of your long-term emergency food supply, your disaster preparation needs to include survival seeds. These seed banks and smaller packages are extremely low priced, considering that they can bloom into a produce and vegetable garden that can feed your family for years with high quality emergency food. There are non-gmo seed options also available for just about any type of plant or vegetable that you can imagine.  This is one essential component of your emergency supplies that we urge you not to overlook.

Since emergency seeds take up so little room and they can last indefinitely in a sealed package, there is no reason not to include this low-cost survival prep food option in your emergency survival plans. You should think about purchasing both indoor and outdoor seed banks. Indoor survival seed kits include soil or soil pellets, containers, directions and everything you need to grow your food indoors if you get caught in a situation where you cannot venture forth outside.

Survival Seeds & Survival Seed Bank Reviews

Reviews of Survival seedsWhen it comes to securing seeds for long term survival needs, quality really does matter.  There is actually quite a bit to consider when selecting the brand and variety of seeds you will include in your emergency survival plans and supplies.  We have taken it upon ourselves to do the heavy lifting and research the available options out there.  It is a labor intensive and time consuming process, but as survivalist enthusiasts ourselves, the results will be of benefit to all of us.  During an actual emergency or disaster you may not have the luxury of being a purist when it comes to securing food for your survival.  However, if you are planning ahead and taking into consideration the quality of the food you want to have on hand for you and your loved ones, there is plenty of room to be picky.  Following is some information on the seed options we regard as worthy of your consideration.

Buy Emergency Foods Survival Seeds

Buy Emergency Foods LogoBuy Emergency Foods is one of the brands we favor for those seeking prepared emergency food options. They have added Legacy premium heirloom survival seeds to their product line, and include multiple packaging choices to meet your specific needs.  They offer seeds for fruit and vegetables, as well as herbs (both for culinary and medicinal purposes).  Their seeds are all non-GMO, maintain very high germination rates during long term storage and are designed to successfully grow even in harsh terrains.  The seeds have a 5 year shelf life unless they are stored in a freezer, in which case their shelf life extends up to 15 years. These seeds can also be harvested at the end of the growing season and used for the next year’s crops.  Their seed variety is strong, offering a substantial variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs for comprehensive nutritional value.  All of their seed kits include valuable information on how to use the seeds and successfully grow your own long term food supply. The seeds are very affordable and require minimal storage space in your emergency supplies.  This product line is new and we have not yet enjoyed the results of these seeds yet (though we have planted them).  Based on the high quality of their other Legacy food products, we are expecting premium results.  You can learn more about Buy Emergency Food Survival Seeds here.

Wise Food Storage Survival Seeds

Wise Food Storage is probably a name you’ve heard if you’ve been researching emergency survival food at all. They are a leader in the industry and provide a very high quality option for those preppers who are seeking already prepared food supply kits.  Their vegetable seed kit offers 16 vegetable varieties, their fruit seed kit offers 9 fruit varieties, their herb garden seeds include 9 culinary herb varieties, their salsa garden seed kit includes a variety of onions, peppers, cilantro and tomatoes.  Lastly, their medicinal seed kit provides 10 herbs that are valuable for their healing qualities.  The quality of these kits is premium with non-GMO and non-hybrid heirloom seeds in each kit.  Our only complaints are that they don’t offer a combo kit of any kind that allows you to purchase multiple seed kits at a bulk or reduced price, and their non-freezer shelf life is only 4 years, one year less than Buy Emergency Foods.  If you are planning on storing the seeds in a freezer for optimal life, then this is definitely not a deal breaker.  This brand is known for delivering quality products and consistent, competent customer support.  The seed kits are relatively new to Wise Food Storage, hence there is not a lot of customer feedback as of yet.  We intend to report the results of our crops from these seeds once they come to fruition. Survival Seeds

mypatriotsupply-logo-smallIf you are looking for optimal selection and customization of your heirloom survival seed supplies, then My Patriot Supply is worth checking out.  Their quality is impeccable, with 100% non-GMO heirloom seeds, and they allow you to purchase individual seed packets to create your own custom garden that includes the fruits, herbs and vegetables that you specifically want rather than restricting you to a prepackaged garden assortment that may include foods you and your family don’t care for.  The pricing is extremely affordable, and if you prefer a prepackaged seed vault, they offer those as well.  The seeds are designed and packaged for long term storage, with a standard 5 year shelf life unless stored at cooler temperatures, which greatly extends the shelf life of survival seeds and seed banks. All harvested seeds can be reused in the next season’s planting. My Patriot Supply is a made in the USA business that has a strong focus on educating the public on becoming self sufficient, especially in an emergency crisis situation. We love their patriotic approach to supporting the local American economy and providing the highest quality, non-GMO, heritage seeds with no hybrids.  When it comes to survival seed products, this brand is one of the leading suppliers that makes quality and reliability a priority.

For additional options for survival seed products, we invite you to browse some high quality options on this heirloom survival seeds product page.

Articles About Survival Seeds & Seed Banks

Here you will find valuable information about survival seeds, seed banks and why these components are an essential ingredient in your emergency food pantry.  Survival seeds can provide a long term food supply solution that is healthy and sustainable should you find yourself in a catastrophic survival situation.

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