Emergency Batteries

When you think “emergency batteries”, flashlights and radios probably come to mind first. But what about your hearing aids, watches and walkie-talkies? You will need a backup battery supply for them as well. And if you end up in a situation where the communications grid is up and running, your laptops, tablets and cell phones could prove useless without an emergency battery supply.  Emergency power supply options can reach further into your lifestyle than you realize sometimes.

Don’t forget, a couple of AA batteries and the aluminum foil from a stick of gum can be used to start a fire in a pinch, so you will want to pack several AA sized batteries, even if you do not need them to power any of your survival gear. Your headlamp, LED lantern, electric candle, some hand and body warmers, two-way radios, your handheld GPS and keychain emergency LED lights require emergency battery considerations as well.  You would do well to consider emergency batteries as one of your essential  emergency supplies. If you want to try to cut corners and save money, don’t do it with your backup battery supply.

Emergency Battery Reviews

This is the area where will we be putting our reviews of the leading emergency and backup battery product reviews that will perform well as a power source during a disaster survival scenario or wilderness adventure excursion.  These products are each being put through an intense review process to determine their value to survival preppers and outdoor enthusiasts.  Emergency battery power is a crucial element to so many areas of disaster preparedness and can truly make the difference in critical situations.  Once we have comprised a listing of the best options for survival enthusiasts, the information will be posted on this page.

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