Emergency Water Guide

waterHaving an emergency water supply on hand should be the cornerstone of your disaster survival plans and your emergency supplies list. You can live without food for over a month, but without water for only 3 days. But we take water for granted, don’t we? You turn the faucet, and there it is. Water for drinking, for cooking, for bathing and cleaning. Since it always seems to be available, you would think that we have all the clean, safe water we need in the world.

But the World Health Organization believes that there are nearly 800 million people that lack safe drinking water. And water supplies continue to diminish. What do you think is going to happen to our dwindling clean water supply, globally and in your local area, should a natural or man-made disaster create a survival situation? The possibilities are not pretty.

Because preparing now is key to your family’s survival in an emergency situation, you need to focus on 4 areas that will ensure you not only survive, but thrive, in a disaster situation – creating an emergency water supply, emergency water storage and emergency water filtration and purification.

Emergency Water Supply – How Much Do I Need?

waterEvery survival situation is different, but there are minimal levels which most experts agree you need for your emergency water supply. The typical person needs 2.5 to 3.0 liters (0.66 to 0.79 gallons) of water. That doesn’t take into account water used for cleaning, bathing, waste removal and other sanitary needs. Considering basic needs for survival, figure on 84 liters or 21 gallons of water per person per week.

You can begin the laborious task of collecting this for yourself, but you can also purchase emergency water supply products conveniently from your PC or smartphone. These water supplies have been sealed up effectively to last as long as possible. And they are offered by knowledgeable disaster survival and emergency preparedness outfitters, shipped directly to your front door.

Emergency Water Filters and Filtration Products – Can I Filter My Own Water Supply?

water-filterWater filtration straws, filters and other similar products provide a portable option for you to make your emergency water supply safer and better tasting. It is a way to eliminate the toxic properties found in untreated water should you be forced to rely on it for your emergency water supply. Some water filters include a chemical purification step in the filtering process. There is a nice selection of water filtration products that meet a variety of needs for a wide range of volume requirements. Some type of portable water filtration system should be included in your bug out bag or emergency survival kit. This ensures that you will be able to utilize clean water should you be separated from or unable to use your emergency water supply. Find out more about your options for effective, portable water filtration.

Emergency Water Purification – How Do I Change Unsafe or Unsure Water to Safe and Drinkable?

water-purificationYou may purchase, or prepare yourself, sufficient emergency water for you and your family to ride out even the most drastic situation. But what happens if you get caught away from your supply? And what happens when that supply runs out? You will have to do what humans used to do on a daily basis – use the water provided by nature, as well as runoff water, to meet your needs.

And you have a huge technological advantage over your water collecting ancestors – emergency water purification products. There are emergency purifiers that you can keep on hand should you ever find yourself in a situation without water you know is clean and safe. These products quickly ensure you are drinking potable water that is free of any harmful chemicals or bacteria. They are easy to use and come in a variety of delivery systems for your convenience.

Emergency Water Storage Solutions – Are Some Types of Containers Better Than Others?

water-storageNow that you know how much water you need for your family should disaster strike, what do you store it in? Unless you are an obsessive hoarder of acceptable water storage containers, you are going to need to do some shopping. You can certainly use any old gallon milk or water jugs that you have handy. But those containers are usually constructed to save money, not to promote long-term storage.

The solution for many seasoned disaster preparedness veterans is to purchase food grade water storage containers. These can be obtained online at survival preparedness stores, camping supply stores and wilderness outfitters. The price is relatively inexpensive when you buy in bulk, and you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family’s survival water supply will be fresh and safe when you use these approved containers.  Get more information about your water storage options.

Emergency Water Preparedness Articles

Following are some informational articles that are relevant to emergency water preparedness supplies, treatments and storage as it relates to disaster survival prepping and wilderness adventure entertainment.

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