Water Filters

Water filtration solutions can be as simple as a portable and personal water purification straw, or as complex as a permanent water filtration system. You should also understand how to filter water in an emergency situation, when you are not sure of its provenance or potability. This means turning to water filtration guide books and resources, purchasing backpack filtering systems, emergency water packets and other possible options. Sometimes water filtration will simply mean adding water purification tablets to an existing emergency water supply, so we cover that as well.

If you can filter any water source you stumble across effectively, your ability to survive an emergency situation for the long-term skyrockets as water is the primary element on your emergency supplies list that is required for survival. We provide you with reviews of popular and little-known emergency water filtration kits and resources, strategies and products. After shelter, water is the next most important of the 4 basic survival needs that humans have, so equipping your family with a water filtering system becomes a necessity, and not a luxury.

Emergency Water Filters and Filtration Product Reviews

We highly recommend considering the information found in both professional and user reviews when it comes to water filters and water filtration products. The variety of filtration products provides a wide range of options for you to choose from based on your own personal objectives.  Even if you are purchasing a high quality water supply to keep on hand, we still recommend that you include water filters or filtration products in your survival arsenal in the even that you should deplete your resources or it becomes neessary for you to filter an alternative water source to make it safe for drinking.  The products reviewed here are among the industry leading options, and span a range of budgetary levels to accommodate most anyone attempting to create their emergency survival pantry and supplies.

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