Emergency Currency Guide

What you financially prepared for a disaster scenario with emergency currency? While global devastation may render paper money and even precious metals obsolete, many disasters are short-term. This means you may have a need for some type of currency. 2 well-known types of disaster survival currency you need to keep on hand are listed below, as well as in emergency currency mindset that predates money.  Many survivalists do not consider currency when compiling their emergency supplies


Since the invention of credit cards and electronic banking, the move away from cash as a purchasing vehicle has been globally accepted. But the old saying that “cash is king” still applies. Aside from being able to get discounts when cash is used as a purchase point in many cases, paper currency is easily transported and weighs nearly nothing.

Keeping a minimum one-year supply of emergency cash for you and your family is a smart idea for any disaster survival plan. Even just a couple of thousand dollars in low denomination bills on hand could bail you out of a sticky situation.

Gold, Silver and Other Precious Metals

Precious metals will always be touted as the most desired emergency currency, and for very good reason – if you know the weight of gold and silver coins, bullion, ingots and bars, and the going rate, you know the value of your emergency stash. You can also pack a lot of value into a small, dense, portable bar or coin. For example, A 1 oz fine silver coin is worth about $18 to $20 as this article goes to press.

It does not take very many bars or coins to accumulate a decent emergency fund. Start cutting back on extravagances and discretionary purchases to free up money for buying gold and silver. Even without disaster on the horizon, most financial analysts believe these 2 commodities will consistently go up in value over time.  This type of emergency currency could made a big difference should an economic collapse occur that renders traditional cash currencies less valuable.  Learn more about each of these types of valuable resources.

Emergency Currency Alternatives – Water, Food, Shelter, Fire, Protection

If the power grid goes down and the economy has collapsed, gold, silver, cash and precious metals may be worthless. But if you had an extra rifle and ammo to barter with, you could get virtually anything you needed. The same is true if you have a specialized survival skill or talent.

Do not forget that any food, power, water, shelter and other survival supplies can also be used as emergency currency. This is actually how money was created in the first place. Barter existed before money. But because humans could not carry every one of their possessions around with them all the time, convenient, portable and easy to carry currency was the intelligent answer.

The creation of currency gave birth to the free market, which is based on the law of Supply and Demand. That law will be in full effect should any type of natural, man-made or financial disaster strike.

The lesson to be learned here? Begin today stocking up on as many different forms of emergency currency as you can. You and your family will be prepared for any situation, which is the basis of all survival preparedness and planning. The smartest plan is to have a mix of cash, gold, silver and excess supplies for bartering.

Emergency Currency Action Plan

1 – Start collecting silver and gold coins, ingots and bars. This is not as costly as you may think.

2 – Buy a safe for emergency currency storage. “Hidden” money safes allow you to safely hide your stash in plain sight.

3 – Put an emergency cash supply in your bug out bag.

4 – Visit online coin and bullion dealers to get educated on precious metals.

5 – Be prepared to think outside out-of-the-box, bartering any excess supplies for your needs.

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