Emergency Food Bars

Emergency Food BarsEmergency food bars and emergency rations are the perfect accompaniment to your main emergency food supply. When you have to leave your shelter to procure wood, water, hunt for food or secure other emergency supplies, these calorie and protein-rich food bars can be popped into your backpack for an instant supply of energy. In short-term storage situations, the food and energy bars sold at a standard grocery store can work just fine.  While these bars could be used for any length of time in a desperate situation, most people do not see them as the optimal solution for long term food supply needs.

But to save money, and for longer-term situations, there are emergency food ration bars and dehydrated calorie bars sold in bulk. These have been tested for 1 year, 5 year and longer storage situations. And whether you have gluten-free emergency food considerations or some other specific nutritional target in mind, there are emergency food bars perfect for disaster survival, and available to every budget level. This type of food solution can also be used for a multi-day outdoor wilderness adventure short term food supply as well.

Emergency Food Bar Reviews

We are currently conducting thorough reviews of companies that offer food bar products that meet the qualifications of an emergency food source as an emergency ration.  This means it meets significant nutritional standards and caloric needs.  As soon as our team has compiled the data of this review process, we will post reviews of those food bar brands which will serve as a premium  food source or supplemental element to your emergency survival needs, or as a convenient and high quality option for your outdoor wilderness adventures and excursions.  Regardless of your purpose for this type of food source, you should only consider those options which offer a solid bang for your buck and high quality ingredients for consumption.

Review of Emergency Food Bars at The Ready Store

MREs at The Ready Store

The Ready Store offers multiple options for incorporating food bars into your emergency food supply.  The Ready Store offers a decent selection of emergency food bars and focuses primarily on high quality bars with substantial caloric intake and premium ingredients that are considered genuine emergency rations rather than snacking or energy bars. The main difference is that true emergency rations are designed to sustain you nutritionally without making you thirsty and comply with specific Coast Guard standards and Department of Defense guidelines, not just provide a boost of energy when hiking or camping. Their primary brands are Mainstay and Datrex, both of which are popular among preparedness supply companies. To check out what food bar options are available at The Ready Store, simply click on the link below and then select their menu item entitled ‘calorie bar’.  This will take you to their emergency food bar products.

Review of Emergency Food Bars at Nitro-Pak

Emergency Food Bars at Nitro-PakNitro-Pak has a section of their store dedicated to emergency rations.  Here you will find emergency food rations, energy bars and survival food tabs.  They approach this niche within survival food from a few different perspectives, and we like that.  They have the food ration bars that are designed for high caloric intake, to be non-thirst provoking, and to meed strict standards on survival nutritional needs.  They carry the Mainstay brand, which is a leader in the space.  They also carry energy bars, which are much lower in calories and nutritional support, but that can be very handy in both supplementing survival needs and recreational situations.  Lastly they include food tabs which are very small tablets that contain the necessary nutritional value to keep you going in a survival situation.  They have a 25 year shelf life and one bottle is a 15 day supply for one adult.

Review of Emergency Food Bars at Amazon

Emergency Food Bars at AmazonAmazon doesn’t really need much of an explanation, but we include them because they provide great user review information and are often competitive on pricing for the premium brands in emergency food bar products for survival, adventure and snacking purposes.  With free shipping options, they can sometimes be the best bet for procuring your survival food and gear, especially for the DIY prepper who likes to customize their supplies.  I’ve found that there are times that Amazon beats the prices of dedicated preparedness companies in a way that can be a deal breaker – always worth checking out and comparing. It is also good pricing information to gather for price matching negotiations. One thing you need to be more conscientious of when purchasing emergency survival food of any type on Amazon is the dates of the products.  I’ve had to send some things back because they were products that had sat on shelves for a long time and reduced in value because of it.  Keep in mind Amazon allows a variety of merchants on their network, and not all are 100% careful with inventory rotation and expiration dates, etc., but most are pretty on top of it.  You’ll see the same brands offered at Amazon as at the preparedness companies, such as Mainstay, Millennium, Datrax, SOS, ER and others.

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