Water Purification

Water purification and emergency water filtration are very closely connected as water related emergency supplies required for any type of survival scenario. Some water filtration kits include water purification tablets. And there are also emergency water purification systems that can be added to your bug out bag or permanent shelter. Your family’s health in a disaster situation is the bottom line. And that means purifying and/or filtering an unknown water source to render it safe and potable.

Adding a small amount of bleach to water can also effectively purify that supply in some cases. And if you simply want to kill any microorganisms, you need to know exactly how to boil water properly to purify it. We provide links to this information, as well as in-depth reviews of the best water purification tablets and systems that you can safely depend on when your family’s survival is on the line.

Emergency Water Purification Product Reviews

Our product reviews for water purification solutions will direct you to the industry’s best options for accommodating a survival situation in which it is necessary for you to purify a water supply to be safe for drinking, cooking or other personal hygiene needs.  Because of the chemical nature of some of these products, professional input provided by industry analysts will ensure you access a product that is safe to include in your emergency survival supplies.  We are currently still testing various products in our evaluation phase of our product reviews.  Our results will be posted here in the very near future.

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