Disaster Survival Articles

disaster survival articlesThis page serves as our Disaster Survival Article Library, and provides instructional, statistical and human relations information about disaster preparedness. It is designed to support our Disaster Survival How To Guide through an extension of relevant topics that contribute to your overall wealth of knowledge when preparing for some of the worst emergency scenarios. As we continue to develop this resource guide, we will also be including videos and other media platforms that deliver a diverse array of information related to disaster survival.  We intend to present information from a variety of perspectives because we all know that neither preppers nor prepper philosophy is a one size fits all phenomenon.

We hope that you will find this article library useful and at times, entertaining.  We also welcome input from other preppers and industry professionals.  If you are interested in making a contribution to our Disaster Survival How To Guide, News Blog or article library, feel free to contact us here:  admin@emergencyreviewer.com.

Disaster Survival Articles

These articles represent supplemental information for our ‘How To Guide’ and include a range of topics that complement the survival strategy of specific emergency situations.

Scary Disaster Statistics You Need To Know

Simple Disguise and Camouflage Techniques for Disaster Survival

Disaster Survival How To Guide

These pages comprise our How To Guide for specific disaster survival scenarios and the details that relate to them.

How To Survive a Hurricane – 15 Life-Saving Hurricane Survival Tips

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