Emergency Preparedness – 5 Questions You Must Ask Your Doctor Today

You need to ask your Doctor certain questions so that when there is an emergency survival situation, you will be properly prepared. What if modern medical care systems are unavailable to you during a time of crisis? You and your family will have a much better chance of surviving chaos and catastrophe if you are armed with the appropriate medical information.

Unfortunately, when most people see their doctor they don’t ask any questions. If the doctor prescribes a drug, the patient simply says, “Yes, Doctor.” But that is a problem. And as someone charged with preparing yourself and your family for an emergency survival situation, you should be asking your doctor a lot of questions. Take some time today to contact your doctor. Get the answers to the following 5 questions and you will be better prepared to survive a crisis situation.

Does my medicine have a natural alternative?

In a survival situation, you may have to rely on mother nature to cure your ills. While your doctor may not be able to prescribe several months of a particular medication ahead of time, there are natural supplements and alternatives available online and in the wild.

Will you monitor my results if I try a natural alternative to the medicine you prescribe?

If you do your homework and find a natural, herbal or homeopathic treatment for your condition, ask your doctor if she is willing to periodically record and monitor your physical well-being. Not all doctors will be willing to help out if you shun their traditional medical advice for natural remedies, but you will need to find some doctor that will.

If I were to change my lifestyle or diet, could I get off of this medication?

Preparing for emergency situations medically means exploring all options. And you want to be in your best physical health when you enter survival mode. Many of the medications often prescribed by doctors can be eliminated if you lose weight, get in shape and get your heart healthy.

If you were in an emergency survival situation, Doctor, what would you do if you suffered from my condition?

This is going to get some real honest knowledge. Ask your family’s doctors what they would do if they were put in your physical shoes and no medical care was available. The answers you get might be scary, but you must know the truth to prepare properly.

What happens if I can’t medicate for 72 hours?

While the end of society as we know could cause a situation where you would have to live for several months or years in survival mode, that is not usually the case when catastrophe strikes. If you can get through the first 72 hours after most common emergency survival situations, life returns to normal.

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