Top Emergency Preparedness and Survival Slang Terms and Acronyms

No one wants to look like a rookie or newbie, even when they are. That includes those who are preparing for an emergency survival situation. The following acronyms and slang terms are frequently used by veteran preppers, and knowing them makes you look like a seasoned pro in the emergency preparedness community.

BOB or “Bug out Bag” – this is a self-contained package, backpack or kit prepared in advance that has everything you need to survive for at least 72 hours, including short term emergency food. Also called a “Get out of Dodge” (GOOD) bag, Evac bag or GO bag, this is an essential piece of survival equipment for any disaster situation.

BOL or “Bug out Location” – this is your destination if you are forced to leave home. It should be planned for and prepared in advance of an emergency. Your bug out bag should contain enough supplies to get you there.

BOV or “Bug out Vehicle” – could be any vehicle that gets you from your location when disaster strikes, to your BOL. Usually prepped to some degree.

EMP – an electromagnetic pulse. This can render motors, electrical grids, computers and communications systems inoperable immediately, potentially affecting a large area.

Faraday Cage – these can be built inexpensively, and they protect electrically powered items from an EMP.

Fiat Currency – any currency or monetary vehicle that is prone to becoming worthless because of economic collapse.

GDE – a “Grid Down Event”, also called an OTGE or “Off the Grid Event”. This refers to a massive loss of electrical power.

Golden Horde – this refers to the mass of humanity that will not be prepared when disaster strikes. Unfortunately, once they realize that you do have supplies, they will be coming for you.

MRE – stands for “Meals Ready To Eat“. This is a military term for what is many times a less-than-tasty meal that has been freeze-dried or dehydrated. This old military term has been adopted by preppers.

Sheeple – a combination of the words sheep and people. This refers to human beings who blindly believe what political parties, authority figures and world leaders tell them.

SHTF – stands for “Sh*t Hits the Fan”. Also seen as WTSHTF or “When the Sh*t Hits the Fan”. Synonymous with TEOTWAWKI.

TEOTWAWKI – stands for “The End of the World As We Know It”. Self-explanatory.

This is a very short and nowhere near complete list. For more prepper terms and acronyms check out the many popular Internet emergency survival and prepper forums where individuals just like you hang out and communicate.

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