What Motivates You To Take Emergency Survival Prepping Seriously?

Survivor!This is a question in which my answer has transformed dramatically over the last year.  Had you asked me this question a year and a half ago, I would have given you some very logical answers that include conventional wisdom, love of family, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, distrust of the government’s hand in the future of our nation and world, and so forth.  My answer now is more precise and based on an evolved perception of the fragility of life.  The single most pertinent factor that now motivates me to be a devoted prepper is a new understanding of my mortality.  Life forced me to take an up close and personal look at just how rapidly circumstances can change, and the reality of life and death.

On April 1st, 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. That day was the beginning of a life changing whirlwind and I suspect that I will not fully grasp the impact it has had on me for some time to come.  While this is not the type of life event that emergency food, supplies or kits are designed for, it is the type of event that can bring things into focus more clearly, and give you a strong, hearty slap across your face, your mind, your heart, and well, your boobs.  Its an earthquake of sorts, that shakes up everything you thought you know about yourself, your future and your life.

One of the very very positive things that has emerged from this experience is a strong reminder that life is fragile, that tomorrow is not guaranteed, and that ‘making the most of life’ is not a meaningless cliche.  Just like cancer, natural disasters, economic breakdowns, and pandemics are real forces that may arrive unannounced to try to take you down. I was not prepared for my diagnosis or the difficult days that would follow. That is the last time I will be unprepared and face to face with a deadly force. I know its not comparing apples to apples when comparing a cancer diagnosis to a natural disaster – but the perspective I was able to glean from my experience applies perfectly in a way that will reshape my prepper philosophy.

My priorities have shifted, the parts of my life I truly hold dear have taken on new meaning, and the ways that I will protect these things should disaster come looking for me has dramatically transformed.  I am willing to sacrifice much more to see my emergency preparedness efforts come to fruition. I am willing to work harder to ensure that my emergency survival is not questionable in any situation.  I didn’t realize how strong I could be, until being strong was all I had.  I intend to integrate my newfound ass kicking skills into my emergency preparedness skills, plans and strategy.  I intend to continue to fight like a girl, and mean it.

Never take comfort, prosperity or life for granted.  And never, ever be unprepared.  Embrace the mindset that drives you to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  Invest in emergency food, water, shelter, supplies, and learn valuable self sustaining skills (such as how to use heirloom survival seeds) that ensure you will be able to survive long term, no matter what unforeseen disaster or tragedy may befall you.

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