Emergency Pet Food & Water

Emergency Pet FoodDisaster or not, your pet needs to eat and drink to survive, requiring some of the very essential emergency supplies that you yourself need. This means preparing for emergency pet food and water supplies in case of a disaster survival situation. There are plenty of ready-made products available, and we share our personal emergency pet food and water reviews with you.  Different sized cats and dogs will require varying amounts of nutritional support during an emergency situation, and our reviews will take this into account. There are plenty of options available to suit a variety of emergency survival preparedness approaches, including DIY preppers and those who prefer ready-made pet friendly survival food kits. Emergency pet survival has become a growing niche in the disaster preparedness market, and we’re pleased that this is the case.

Emergency Pet Food & Water Product Reviews

Pet Survival Food ReviewsThis area of our guide is very close to my heart.  I have taken great consideration regarding how the needs of my dogs will be provided for during an unexpected disaster or emergency situation.  I love them and want them well taken care of at all times, and especially during an unexpected emergency of any sort.  I am personally handling the reviews for this section and am placing each potential brand and product through a very intense review process.  The information on this page will reflect a thorough, genuine and accurate evaluation of products and brands which thoughtfully and meaningfully provide high quality products that will sustain your pet through a survival situation.

I have scoured the web, gathering the opinions of respected emergency preparedness and disaster survival experts. What we recommend are only those emergency pet food and water resources which are rated extremely high in customer satisfaction, are dependable and long-lasting, and provide serious value.  I am the proud owner of three amazing dogs that are undeniably my best friends in the world.  I take the provisions for their emergency survival just as seriously as the rest of the family, and I think most pet owners would feel the same way about their beloved furry and four legged family members.

American Family Safety Pet Survival Supplies

American Family Safety Pet Survival KitsAmerican Family Safety provides high quality pet survival kits for both cats and dogs, as well as individual emergency food and water rations for creating a long term survival pantry for your pets.  Standard dry dog food typically has a shelf life of 12 months or less.  The MayDay food and water supply products offered by this brand are one of only two brands that we’ve been able to find that delivers a 5 year shelf life.  Their products are affordable without sacrificing on quality.  American Family Safety caters to those preppers who are interested in ready made products to create their emergency survival pet food pantry for either short or long term emergency survival. When comparing pricing on the Mayday emergency food for pets, the prices at their website beat Amazon’s pricing significantly.  This can make a big difference if you are buying in bulk.

We are currently in the process of reviewing an additional pet food brand that offers a 5 year shelf life for both dog food and cat food.  Once we complete our review we will provide information about the products and the most cost effective destination at which to purchase it.  There simply are not a ton of options for emergency pet food that offers a decent shelf life.  Many preppers decide that for long term survival they are going to feed their pets either the same food they themselves are eating or some type of fresh food. Most preppers consider the emergency pet food rations that are available as a short term food supply option.

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