$3.1 Million Lets You Ride Out Disaster in Style in a Luxurious Survival Bunker

Luxury Survival Condo Disaster ShelterA survival bunker is not needed in every emergency situation. In fact, statistics show that if you can ride out 3 to 5 days in your current living quarters, you should be okay. But if you have the wherewithal, it makes sense to prepare for an extended period of time while the world recovers from a catastrophic man-made or natural disaster or emergency. You can construct your own survival bunker, or if you have $3.1 million, entrepreneur Larry Hall will let you experience doomsday in style through his luxury survival condos.

Hall is a disaster preparedness specialist who has purchased several vacated nuclear missile silos which are located 200 feet below ground. Built during the Cold War when the threat of nuclear fallout was great, these silos have been turned into survival condos complete with an underwater pool, rock climbing wall, movie theater and shooting range.

Since raiders are a definite possibility if the end of the world as we know it becomes a reality, these million dollar survival bunkers are equipped with excellent security features. Cameras with long-range viewing capabilities are located on the ground level, and inside each bunker is a security control room where you can monitor what is going on above ground.

There is even a fully operable sniper nest, and Hall says that 2 armored personnel carriers have been added so that you can survive the most extreme situations. The walls on the silos are made of reinforced concrete which is 9 feet thick. Each bunker is comprised of 8 floors. Each floor contains up to 1,800 square feet of living space capable of housing up to 10 people.

When you spend more than $3 million on a survival bunker, you expect to get some nice extras. Those come in the form of designer kitchens and jacuzzis. There are even hydroponically grown crops and an underwater fish farm that allow you and your family to live for up to 5 years without having to leave your bunker and venture forth above ground.

The former missile silos are located in Salina, Kansas. If you are checking your account balance right now to see if you can afford to survive a zombie apocalypse, nuclear war or natural disaster in style, you need to act quickly. All 8 floors of one silo have already been pre-purchased. Hall and millions of others believe it is a matter of when, and not if, modern humanity will suffer from a natural or man-made disaster which requires the need for an extended period of survival living. Why not survive in style?

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