Aloe Vera as a Multi-Purpose Survival Tool?

Aloe Vera PlantJust about everyone knows that the creamy gel of an Aloe Vera plant is great for providing relief from sunburn. But it is also an extremely versatile gift from mother nature that every outdoor enthusiast, prepper and survivalist needs to know more about. It can provide help and relief in a number of ways. Did you know that the Aloe Vera plant can …

… reduce the bags under your eyes? Disaster survival can be very taxing, physically and mentally. This can lead to poor sleep patterns that cause puffiness, redness and those unattractive bags under your eyes. A little Aloe Vera gel is remarkably good at removing the bags under your eyes, almost instantly.

… cure heartburn? Yep, ingesting this miracle plant can cure heartburn, and even stomach ulcers. It generally soothes any digestive tract problem you may have.

… strengthen your nails? Just rub a little Aloe into your finger and toenails each day. After 2 or 3 weeks you will notice they are stronger and healthier looking.

… is a natural shaving cream? Not only is it an antiseptic with great hydrating properties for your skin, it feels great on your face. The gel from an Aloe Vera plant is absorbed into your skin nearly 4 times faster than water, and its high water content gives your razor a smooth surface to glide over. Good for razor burn as well.

… can help reduce wrinkles? Vitamin C and vitamin E are present in great supply in Aloe. So is water. The plant is also an anti-inflammatory, and when you combine it with virgin coconut oil, you make a skin-loving cream that reduces wrinkles and keeps your skin looking young and healthy. This is due to all the essential fats, moisture and nutrients this combination provides.

… prevent and lighten age spots, freckles and stretch marks? Aloe Vera is such a lover of human skin that it can even fade stretch marks from pregnancy, and embarrassing age spots and freckles.

… provide relief from hemorrhoids? This Aloe ability comes from the anti-inflammatory nature of this versatile little plant.

… give you a healthy energy boost? Aside from soothing your stomach problems when you eat it, Aloe gives you a powerful boost of energy thanks to its vitamin B complexes.

… give vegans vitamin B 12? As mentioned above, Aloe Vera is loaded with B vitamins. This includes lots of vitamin B12. This is one of the essential nutrients lacking in a vegetarian diet.

… help keep colds and flu at bay? This naturally healthy plant contains phytonutrients, sterols and enzymes that boost your immune system. Along with its vitamins A, B, C and E, this means you are less likely to catch a cold or flu.

… survive a drought? Yep, after your plant is established and hardy it’s nearly 95% water makeup means it can last through extended periods of time with little water. So this hardy plant can continue to provide you all of the above benefits even in areas with little rainfall.

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