Do You Have the Skill to Cook Meals Over a Campfire During A Survival Situation?

campfire cookingBefore becoming interested in survival preparedness, many of us probably have never even tried to cook something over a campfire. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that cooking over a campfire is easy peasy, and requires no skill.  I would definitely recommend that you try it at least a few times and that you have some recipes and supplies on hand specifically for campfire cooking, even if you have made other preparations for cooking food during a survival situation.  Because emergencies and survival scenarios come unexpectedly, you really don’t know what type of circumstances you will find yourself in.  You may be the savviest prepper in the world and have secured multiple methods and supplies by which to cook your food, but you end up being separated from your precious cooking gear and are forced to rough it cowboy style.  Should this occur – wouldn’t you be glad if you had developed some campfire cooking skills?

There is an article that provides some really great options for campfire cooking recipes, 7 Recipes for Campfire Cooking.  Though I have not tried them specifically myself, they sound fantastic.  The article was written by a fellow survivalist, Jeffrey Howie, and I’m pleased to recommend him to my visitors.  Following is some information about him and his website.

Jeffrey Howie is a hunter and survivalist with a fanatical interest in survival gears and wilderness survival techniques. He regularly publishes articles on his blog: Survival Crib is the ultimate resource for anyone looking for survival tips and techniques. To learn more, visit Survival Crib (

I am currently recovering from my last Chemotherapy treatment, and will resume my blogging articles in the near future.  In the meantime, I thought I would provide you with access to some interesting content from a skilled survival enthusiast.


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