How to Create a Remarkably Loud Do-It-Yourself Tripwire Alarm In Under 10 Minutes for Less Than $20

DIY Tripwire AlarmDisaster survival situations come in all shapes and sizes. You may simply have to make it through a week without electricity in your home. Or you could end up in a long-term survival situation in your bug out location or doomsday bunker. Either way, knowing how to quickly secure your perimeter and alert you to any trespassers or intruders could save your life.

Even if you have multiple members in your survival party, it may be impossible to guard all 360 degrees of your perimeter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is where this inexpensive and easy to assemble do-it-yourself trip alarm comes into play. This surprisingly loud alarm can be assembled for $15 or $20 in just about 10 minutes. Here’s all you need to do.

What Items Are Needed?

First, head over to Amazon. Search for personal keychain alarms. The model used to create this loud and effective perimeter trip alarm is “GE SH51208/GESECPA1 Personal Keychain Security Alarm” but any comparable model will do. Our purchase price was just $13.98, and like we said, you can purchase less expensive or more costly models as you see fit. Just make sure that the alarm has a pull-pin configuration.

These types of personal alarms sound when a pin is pulled out of the keychain body. The pin is solidly secured, meaning that it will not accidentally pull out. The repetitive, shrill cry of this alarm is rather loud (120 dB), making it perfect for our needs. You simply reinsert the pin to stop the alarm, meaning that this inexpensive piece of survival gear can be used over and over again.

Next, purchase some fishing line. Secure fishing line or some other tripwire to the alarm’s pull-pin. Secure the key chain side of the alarm to a post, pole or sturdy tree or bush. Run your fishing line across logical paths of entry or approach to your shelter or home.

That’s it, your do-it-yourself tripwire alarm is set, ready to notify you instantly and loudly of any intruders. Several Amazon purchasers of this particular product stated that they purchased the GE 51208 Personal Keychain Alarm for this exact same survival use, and they agree with us that it works excellently.

After setting up your tripwire, test it out. You can also camouflage your fishing line and key chain alarm by painting them, instantly increasing the effectiveness of this simple and inexpensive perimeter trip alarm. Surviving a disaster or catastrophe is all about preparation. And preparing your shelter or home with a low-cost but effective perimeter alarm will allow you to sleep soundly at night, safe in the knowledge that your perimeter is secure and your family is safe.

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