SkySaver Disaster Survival Backpack Perfect For Escaping Elevated Emergencies

Skysaver Survival BackpackNot every disaster scenario means simply walking out through the front door of your office or home. In urban areas, and crowded, high-rise business environments, or even a multistory home, emergency response may mean attempting an escape of your environment from an elevated position. A fire, gas leak or active shooter situation may mean your only chance for survival is through the nearest window. That becomes a problem if you are not on the 1st or 2nd floor.

Fortunately, a company named SkySaver has released an ingenious device which takes only seconds to employ. Once strapped on, it slowly lowers you to safety. The SkySaver backpack is marketed as “your personal life saver”, and for urban citizens and business professionals it could turn out to be exactly that.  We felt that it was an appropriate piece emergency survival gear to include in our guide.

How Does the SkySaver Work?

When disaster strikes and you need to quickly flee from an elevated position, throw on your SkySaver backpack and tighten the shoulder, chest and crotch straps. Snap-hook it quickly to a pre-installed wall anchor (provided), or attach to heavy furniture or your window structure. Exit the window, and you are slowly lowered up to 260 feet at the safe rate of 6 1/2 feet per second. The device has been tested and is recommended for individuals up to 300 pounds.  Here is a video that shows an escape demonstration:

The product was specially designed for the company by experts in the security and disaster survival fields. Created primarily for urban business situations where fire, terrorism or disgruntled employees can prompt a quick-escape response from a height, SkySaver also has applications for mountain climbing, camping and hiking in mountainous regions.

The company includes a limited 7 year manufacturer’s warranty and bulk pricing discounts. SkySaver, Inc. was created in 2011 as a direct answer to high-rise building evacuation needs. CEO Avner Farkash has developed systems for the Department of Homeland Security in the United States. COO Cobi Bitton is a founder of the Safe Evacuation Coalition, a group of firms with a focus on researching and creating practical high-rise evacuation technologies.

The SkySaver backpack has been showcased on the and websites. SkySaver ships to all US locations at no additional fee, and there is no special training required to operate the device. The company recommends children weigh at least 66 pounds (30 kg) to use the SkySaver device safely. The backpack includes a hammer for breaking windows which do not open. SkySaver is a single use item. After an emergency employment, users are urged to contact the company for replacement options.

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