14 Ingenious Survival Uses for Coffee Filters

coffee-filterWhy are coffee filters perfect for long-term survival after an emergency or disaster? Because they are extremely versatile, virtually weightless, portable and don’t cost much. The following 14 survival uses for coffee filters highlight some of the many ways this top survival barter item can make your life easier if a catastrophe puts you in a survival situation.

  • The perfect homemade teabag

Place tea, mint leaves and herbs in a coffee filter, gather the edges and tie with a string. Drop this makeshift teabag into some boiling water for a relaxing drink at the end of a long day of survival.

  • Makeshift bandage material

The absorbent, relatively strong and lightweight coffee filter is perfect as a bandage. Tear off a small piece and apply to shaving nicks and mishaps. You can also fold into a strip and attach with adhesive tape to larger cuts.

  • Awesome as small storage containers

Nails and screws, pills and medicine, seeds and other small essentials can be organized quickly and easily using coffee filters. Use rubber bands, string or para cord to tie off individual bundles.

  • Helps prevent rust in cast-iron cookware

Place a coffee filter in your cast-iron skillet when you are done cleaning it. The filter is excellent for absorbing moisture, and this prevents rust from developing.

  • Keeps insects out of your food

Simply drape a coffee filter over your plate when eating outdoors. This keeps insects and flying pests out of your meal.

  • Works as a makeshift bowl

Coffee filters are shaped like a bowl. For dry foods, you can eat them right out of a coffee filter. For heavier ans moist foods, just line your bowl with a coffee filter first. This makes for instant and easy cleanup that also saves your water supply.

  • Emergency funnel

Layer 2 or 3 coffee filters. Fold them together in your hand, and snip off the center bottom piece. This makes an excellent emergency funnel for multiple uses.

  • Makes an effective hand towel

Paper towels can be expensive. A couple of coffee filters do the same job at a fraction of the price. Good for personal and counter-top, eyeglass and utensil cleaning

  • Makes an efficient first level water filter

When you collect water, you no doubt collect twigs, leaves, dirt and who knows what else as well. You should always boil or treat water before drinking it. But coffee filters make a great first stage water filter, and you can then process as you normally would.

  • Perfect backup toilet paper

Run out of toilet paper? Coffee filters make excellent backup TP. They may be just a bit more abrasive than standard toilet paper, but in a pinch they work just fine.

  • Freshens the air

How can a coffee filter make your disaster survival situation more bearable? Fill a coffee filter with baking soda and tie it off. Place this odor absorber in your shoes, throughout your disaster bunker and in your backpack to keep things smelling rosy.

  • Perfect seed sprout starter

Wet a coffee filter and then place your seeds inside. Fold the filter into a square, and pop it into a plastic baggie. Bean sprouts, broccoli, radish and other seeds work great this way. Store your baggies in a dark area for a few days, and move into the light when the seed sprouts.

  • Recycle cooking oil

Maximizing the life of your resources is crucial to survival. Coffee filters are excellent for recycling cooking oils.

  • Great for … filtering coffee!

Well, you didn’t think we would overlook the obvious, did you?

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