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14 Situational Awareness Tips That Prepare You for Any Disaster or Emergency

survival awareness tips for emergency situationsSituational awareness is being aware of your surroundings, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Because of your natural fight or flight reflex, your senses are heightened whenever you are put into a stressful situation. Your hearing and vision become sharper. Your mental ability to discern between potentially harmful and neutral factors improves instantly.

In short, you become slightly superhuman as long as your brain perceives some type of stress or danger that might possibly affect you.

This happens automatically as an unconscious survival tactic. However, humans do not live in nearly as chaotic an environment as we did when we lived in caves

Building a Campfire and Hiding It from Your Enemies

building a campfireIn a survival situation you are going to need to build a fire. You need to be able to do so quickly, with minimal resources available. Fire can provide warmth and is used for cooking. It is also great for repelling mother nature’s predators. The US Ranger Handbook and the US Army Survival Field Manual (FM 21-76) teach fire building skills, as it is considered to be such a life saving ability to master.

Unfortunately, your fire can also act as a homing signal for others, personal enemies, disaster survivors and other people intent on taking your possessions and possibly doing you harm.

Because of this, you will need

Robo-Humans That Live 150 Years And Signal The End of Human Existence As We Know It … Are Already Here

Robo Human research by GoogleWould you happily trade your humanity for 150 years of Android life? We are already replacing human body parts, muscles, joints and even organs with artificial ones that work better and last longer. Would you quickly give up being 100% human so you could extend your existence, even if you were regarded as an Android by natural human beings? Those are very real questions you may have to answer in the near future … a future that is closer than you think.

Google Is Working Diligently to Make You Immortal

In secret labs where no cameras are allowed, Big G has biomechanical engineers, geneticists and roboticists working feverishly

5 Natural and Man-Made Disaster Trends Peaking in the Early 21st Century

Number of earthquakes in 2014 was double the normal amount.  Preparing for disaster is something that you subconsciously do. All humans have an inherent survival instinct. That means that you are hardwired with a will to survive, and you might be surprised at what you can really do when your life is on the line. Unfortunately, there are several dangerous and even deadly man-made and natural trends which are on the drastic rise in the early 21st century. Prepare for the following 5 situations, and the potential dangers they could deliver, because they appear to be increasing in regularity and severity.

Civil and Racial Unrest and Violence Across the Globe

The Trayvon